10 Signs That You’re Living Your Life’s Purpose

February 21, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

When you’re living your purpose (what you were put on this Earth to do) your life drastically changes. Through self-discovery work, major shifts begin to occur. Although, I am certain you’ll recognize when your smack dab in the middle of this “new world,” here are 10 signs to be sure:

1. You’re consistently grateful. Even if you hit a bump in the road, you always think “Well, that’s OK. I still have my calling.” It’s such a HUGE accomplishment to say you set out to discover your purpose in the world, to find it and to actually be living it. How many people can say that for themselves? Not too many. It’s like carrying around a bag of gold 24/7 that absolutely nobody can take away from you. It’s a remarkable feeling and one that leaves you forever appreciative for what you have.

2. You jump out of bed everyday, regardless of the day. Mondays are like Fridays. Tuesdays become Saturdays. It doesn’t matter the day when you’re doing what you love everyday. You have goals that you’re deeply passionate and enthusiastic about- a vision that motivates you to leap out of bed and eager to start the day.

3. You feel part of a special tribe of people. In our society, there are the people who are living through their purpose- doing their soul’s work. Then, there are the people who aren’t, simply put. Now, I’m not judging the people in either one. However, I’ve lived and experienced each “world” and I can promise you that the quality of life doesn’t even compare. It’s the type of thing you can’t explain until you’ve entered this world. Hence, why it feels so special to be a part of it.

4. Work is fun, enjoyable and challenging. Work no longer feels like the standard definition of work. A 14-hour day developing an idea or learning a new technique…well, you wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

To bring an idea that’s uniquely yours to life is so rewarding in its self that work feels more like play. TWEET THAT

5. You would do it for free. Most people wouldn’t admit this, but it’s true. You’re no longer motivated by money or success, but rather intrinsically motivated by a passion. You know that all that other “stuff” will come. And chances are, you’ll most likely have to do it for free in the beginning anyway. A singer doesn’t just get hired to sing. They sing for free to perfect their craft, entertain others and to find their audience. The same goes for coaches, authors, chefs and so forth.

6. You’re kind of overly obsessed, head over heels in love with what you do. You just can’t get enough. You’re eager to learn more, absorb as much as you possibly can and get your hands dirty in every subject of your field. All the different areas of your life start to blend together until your career is no longer segregated, but becomes more of a lifestyle.

7. All of your interests and unique traits somehow find their place within your calling. Your love for classical music somehow becomes useful in your new endeavor. Or your ability to come up with one-liners helps attract clients. You begin to see that your calling is not a job or even a career, but a way of living- to live from the truest expression of yourself.

8. You love and appreciate the present moment while excitingly standing at the brink of your future. You no longer chase happiness as if it’s found in some distant land. You experience happiness now. You enjoy and appreciate your life right now. The future is no longer this scary, unknown territory, but rather an exciting place that holds all of your bigger dreams. You look forward to it, but remain grounded and present in the journey to get there.

9. You’re a better version of yourself. When you look back at your old self, it’s like you barely know that person. You exuberate a new level of confidence and self-assurance. You embrace who you really are- flaws and all. You have a permanent “glow” to you that others seem to flock to.

10 You’re a magnet for people and coincidences. All of a sudden, synchronicities seem to magically occur all around you. Obstacles just seem to melt away as the perfect solutions appear again and again. If you’re in need of some guidance, you just happen to meet the perfect person who has what you need. Or you find yourself talking with person after person who needs exactly what you offer.

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