6 Reasons You Should Follow Your Dreams

Do you ever wonder if you should pursue your dreams?

Well, I’m here (alongside Julissa Rodriguez, self-help expert in Panama) to say YES, chase your dreams!

There are so many people sitting on the “sidelines” instead of trying to achieve their goals. There are too many people complaining about their circumstances instead of actually doing something to change them. There are too many people that allow fear to run the course of their lives instead of going after what they really want.

Don’t be one of those people. Our goal for this video is to inspire you to make your dreams come true once and for all- to stand out from the crowd and to shine out in the world.

I’m sure you can give us a million reasons why you shouldn’t follow your dreams, but we’re asking you to sit back and allow us to give you just 6 (really good) reasons why you SHOULD!

To watch this week’s collaboration video, CLICK HERE!

with gratitude and much love,


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