9 Steps for Creating Affirmations That Actually Work

January 26, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I started using affirmations at a young age, without even realizing it, when I inherited the most commonly used phrases in my household:

Money doesn’t grow on trees,” my dad would say.
You must work really hard to get the things you want,” my mom would often say.

As children, we are like sponges, absorbing every bit of information we hear and adopting it as our own.

Most people don’t even realize the mantras they’re already using by default. I want to help you choose affirmations deliberately so that they’re serving you in the direction you want to go.

I used to think this stuff was a load of crap. It wasn’t until I went through coach training that I really tried it out and realized its power. I learned the difference between affirmations that work and those that don’t.

Today, I want to talk about positive affirmations- the ones that do work.

The only affirmations that work are the ones we really believe, even when there’s little to no evidence to back it up at first.

How do we know if we really believe them? By the way it makes us feel.

Law of attraction goes haywire when we don’t have the feeling (or vibrational match) to back up our affirmation.

This is when people give up and think it’s all mumbo jumbo.

For example, someone can say, “I am beautiful” 10,000 times and post it at every corner of his or her home, but if they don’t feel beautiful or confident, this affirmation has fallen flat and will not work.

If you want your affirmation to work, you must change your attention AND change your vibration. Here are 9 simple steps to creating an affirmation that really works:

1. Choose a desired feeling. Do you want to feel more secure about your finances, confident about your body or optimistic about your new business venture? If you’re tempted to go straight to the possession you want, ask yourself, “How do I think I’ll feel once I have it?” That is the feeling you want to go with.

Remember: It’s not our external circumstances that create our feelings. Our feelings create our external circumstances. Tweet That!

2. Brainstorm possible affirmations. Jot down a dozen of new mantras that may generate your new desired feeling. Browse Pinterest for inspiring quotes that speak to you or think about other people who feel the way you aspire to feel. What are they thinking?

3. Test it out. Once you have your list, check in with yourself. Say it out loud a few times. Does this thought feel good? When you say it, do you actually believe it? Does it spark a new sense of hope and excitement? Does it trigger the feeling you’re after?

4. Pick the strongest affirmation. Tune into your body and choose the one that creates the strongest vibrational match. (This is a very personal exercise. An affirmation that works wonders for somebody else may do nothing for you.)

5. Practice your new affirmation. This is where repetition comes into play. Write your new power thought down. Place it on sticky notes around your home and car. Say it out loud as much as you can. (This is where you rewire your brain-literally!)

6. Seek evidence. Prove how your new affirmation is true. For example, if you wrote, “I am a strong, confident woman,” write down all the reasons why it’s true.

7. Take action to prove it true. Go out into the world and create more reasons! This is the process of strengthening your new affirmation.

8. Override negative thoughts. Be aware of old, negative beliefs that creep back in. Immediately replace each one with your new, better feeling mantra (also known as a replacement thought).

9. Keep practicing. Make the conscious choice to do this everyday. The more you work this muscle out, the easier it becomes.

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