Black Lives Matter, My Own Biases & Lifelong Allyship

Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, mindset expert and interior design enthusiast living in sunny Los Angeles. I help people feel better and create a lifestyle they’re proud of.

“The story of racism lives in your bloodline. It doesn’t make you wrong, but it makes you responsible.”

Tori Washington said this.

Her “Embodied Allyship Masterclass” was the most pivotal and powerful 2 hours of my life.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but she opened my eyes and I’m forever grateful.

At the start of this movement, I was defensive and resistant to lean in beyond the surface level.

And because of that, shame and guilt overwhelmed me.

I finally surrendered and sat with the discomfort.

And that’s when my unconscious biases and privileges surfaced– which I show you in this video.

It’s been a true AWAKENING.

Let me clear. 

I stand in full support of the Black Community and this movement.

I know there’s no quick fix or overnight solution here.

This is truly a lifelong process and now that my ROLE is clear, I am committed to taking bold and imperfect action to help the Black Community and to create a more just world.

I’ve been blind to all of this– since forever– but now that I can see, I don’t want to unsee. 

I want to learn. I want to understand. I want to feel more empathetic and compassionate. 

Please know that this video is not meant to be about me.

My hope is that by sharing my ongoing transformation, it’ll invite you to lean into your own discomfort and do the work that you are responsible for within the Black Lives Movement.

I want to highlight a few of the Black Leaders who’ve created safe spaces to listen and learn (Instagram): @iamtoriwashington, @xavier.dagba, @kayrichae, @emmanuelacho.

Because of their compassion, not judgement, I feel EMPOWERED, aligned and open to growing, learning and becoming a lifelong ally.

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I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic.
I still watch reruns of Dawson's Creek on the regular
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Summer days. I love the beach, being tan, cookouts and country music!
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