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How to Believe Hard!

Think about the last time you planned a vacation. Now, think about the days or even weeks leading up to it. Do you remember how you FELT in the ANTICIPATION

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I’m Back with a New Quiz!

Yup, that’s right! Happy Wednesday. I am officially back on YouTube!!! It feels good, exciting and weird all at the same time. But luckily, it’s kinda like riding a bike.

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Law of Attraction Journaling

Today, is extra special. Cue the horns and bells. If you haven’t noticed, my journaling videos are all the rage 😜 And apparently the keyword search: ‘law of attraction’ ranks

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Letting Go of Outcomes

Do you remember the emotional breakdown I had a few weeks ago? Well, I do LOL. Anyway, one of the many realizations that came from it was my ongoing struggle

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