Can I Really Get Anything I Want? (The Truth About a Life Coach’s Promise)

June 15, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

With over 1 billion websites on the Internet, businesses are enticed to offer money back guarantees and free trial periods, along with some pretty brazen promises to their potential customers.

Life coaches are no different.

If you’ve searched for the help of a life coach, you most likely have come across some relatively bold statements, such as:

Live Your Best Life!
Wake Up Happy Everyday!
Create a Life You Love!

But, maybe your skepticism creeps through when you hear one phrase in particular:

Get Anything You Want!

(You may be thinking: “Really? Get anything I want. Alright. I want 10 million dollars, a flatter stomach and my mom to stop nagging me!”)

What does this phrase really mean? Is this just a ploy to hire a coach?

Today, we take a closer look!

Here are the 7 truths behind the expression, “Get Anything You Want”:

1. A life coach is not a magic genie. Your wish is not granted with a nod of the head and a poof of smoke. If it were that easy, everybody would have a coach. There’s “work” involved in getting from where you are to where you want to be. This is the part that turns people off because not everyone is willing to step out of their comfort zone to do this work. You hear about the trials and tribulations of any success story, well yours is no different. Can you have the life of your dreams? Of course! Is it easy? Nope! Worth it? Absolutely.

2. A life coach can’t get you what you want. But, you can! You could have the most renowned life coach in the world (paging Tony Robbins) guiding you, but they’re still not responsible for your success and happiness. A coach is equipped with the life-changing tools that make the “get anything you want” expression 100% possible, but it’s up to you to actually implement each one in your own life.

3. A life coach will not help you achieve what you think you want.

Believe it or not, being filthy rich is not a universal desire. As much as we think it is, once we “peel back the onion” we come to see that it’s security we really crave or to work less hours at a job we hate or to change the world- all of which we think money is the solution to.

Our minds have no idea what we want, so a coach is less concerned with what you think you want and more focused on what you really want.

For example, a coach is not going to say, “OK, let’s brainstorm ways on how to get rich!”

Instead they’ll start at the place of your unfulfilling job. You don’t need the million dollars that you think you need to have a more fulfilling life.

(This is not to say that you can’t get rich! But, staying at a crappy job, while waiting for this magical money to appear, is not getting you closer to “rich”- in all sense of the word.)

A coach helps you narrow your focus, pinpoint the “real” want behind the general want and start to make changes right now.

4. A life coach helps you identify what you don’t want.

It’s through contrast, that we gain clarity.

It’s not easy building the life of our dreams, when we’re unconsciously building a life that we don’t want.

A coach helps you filter through your artificial desires and false conceptions. In order to breakthrough to your destiny, you must remove all that is not you. …

5. A life coach helps you identify your deepest dreams and what you really, really, really want.

To get the very thing we wish for, we must know what that is. We must have a clear vision of where it is we want to go.

A coach helps you paint this picture by uncovering your passions and unique gifts in the world. You’ll know exactly what it is that you hope for in your future, which makes it a heck of a lot easier in getting it.

You learn to tap into the truest part of your being- the place that already knows what you aspire. This is the place you want to be living by- it’s where your power lies.

6. A life coach can identify what’s stopping you from getting what you want.

You have way more power (and freedom) than you realize. 99.9% of the obstacles in our way are mind made. We convince ourselves that we aren’t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ enough or that we don’t have enough _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to make it happen.

Imagine a life where the hurdles seem to melt away- where solutions rise to the surface. A coach helps you break down the barriers that are blocking you from getting what you want.

7. A life coach can help you find happiness right now. While the majority of people are out in the world chasing after money or success in search of happiness, a coach knows better.

A life coach knows how to get the results you want in the fastest way possible.

You learn how to experience happiness and fulfillment right now because…

You create a great future by creating a fantastic present. TWEET THIS.

8. A life coach knows the ins and outs of creating the life of your dreams. A professional understands how our minds work. They understand why you don’t have what you want, what’s standing in your way and how to attain it. A coach then passes on this knowledge, helping his or her client gain an incredible sense of empowerment over his or her life.

To summarize, can you get anything you want from working with a life coach? Absolutely. As long as you get clear on what that is, have a strong desire and belief to accompany it and you’re willing to do the work involved.

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