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Outgrowing Other People

Today, I want to talk about outgrowing people in your life. When we change + evolve to that next level…in our career, financially speaking, our relationship status, etc…not everybody will

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Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Can you think back to the last time you BROKE DOWN over something going on in your life? Feeling stuck in your career.Your relationship not working.Money just not flowing the

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Changing Your Thoughts

Today, I’m talking about changing your thoughts. It seems like a lot of people get confused by this concept. No matter how many times I explain it or the different

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The Shaina Leis Podcast

The Shaina Leis Podcast is available right now!!! It’s my early end-of-year gift to YOU. Subscribe on iTunes here{click > Listen on Apple Podcasts} Subscribe on Spotify here. Just to be clear… YouTube is

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