→ Do you feel like your soul is slowly eating away at itself as you settle for less than you deserve?

→ Are you ready to go all in and create a life you’re truly proud of?

→ Have you tried going at it alone for a while with little to no progress?

→ Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and beyond confused at this point?

→ Are you desperate for answers and solutions, but have zero clue where to find them?

→ Are you looking for someone to hold your hand and fast track your results?

You're so f***ing ready for positive change!

But you’re paralyzed by indecision.

You don’t know what the next move is, what you really want or worst off, HOW to get it.

Right now, you just know deep down that you’re meant for something bigger and better.

You want to do things you’re passionate about. You want to experience more freedom and joy. You want to make a difference in the world– not just settle for meaningless work. Oh yea, and a life with some added luxury would be great. Because you have big dreams, damn it!

But the more you try to THINK your way out of your current situation to where you want to be, the more confused you feel. The more ACTION you try to take, the more frustrated you feel.

OK, PAUSE and take a deep breath my friend. Right now, do it. BREATHE.

You're here for a reason and the time is now.

Listen, I know what you’re going through!

I know what it’s like to be so impatient for a different life (a far better life), yet feeling like you’re running on a treadmill– not making any progress. I used to work meaningless jobs, was in and out of an old relationship for 8 years and was always just ‘breaking even’ financially. I felt powerless beyond belief.

Until, I didn’t…

I woke up to a massive shift in my thinking: I am meant for something great in this world. And that one belief drove me to take massive inspired action and create a life I’m truly proud of.

Because here’s the thing…FEAR DOES NOT CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE.

Love. Inspiration. JOY. Passion. Excitement. These are the things that create miracles.

So we’ve  gotta clean up your whole VIBE girl. And that’s what I’m committed to helping you do. We’ve gotta swap the drama for your dreams.

It’s TIME to figure out who the hell you really are + what you really want + finally allow good sh** to happen. Because you deserve it and because life is way too short to waste your youth.

This is where you get excited! Because I got you.

Together we will...

→ Get your swag back! The fun-loving, easy-going, creative, bad-ass who knows what she wants and who GETS IT DONE. We’ll have a quick funeral for your old self and get straight to the good stuff!

→ Cut out the confusion and make BOLD, INSPIRED decisions that have you feeling good and powerful about yourself and your future. 

→ Get you on the right path! Imagine feeling super clear, connected and CONFIDENT about the path you’re on. Consider it D-O-N-E.

→ Watch your levels of JOY + FREEDOM skyrocket. This is the magic of coaching…and the reason a lot of my clients switch from therapy to coaching altogether!

When you sign up to work with me, you get:

  • (12) 45-Minute Private Calls
  • Unlimited Email + Text Support
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to Recess (all my video courses, trainings, workbooks + monthly group coaching calls). In other words, you’ll have forever support through any hiccups you face, even after the 3-months!

What to expect:

I ask the hard questions. I challenge your thinking like you’ve never been challenged before. I help you see your blind spots. I help you uncover EXACTLY what’s stopping you from achieving what you want. I teach you how to get the results you want. I help you avoid mistakes along the way to save you time, money and energy. I support you every step of the way. But it’s up to you to show up, lean into the process and apply the tools. So if you have the WILL, I have the way.


My life has drastically improved!

"I'd been a long time subscriber of Shaina's YouTube channel, when I decided to apply to her coaching program. It has by far been the BEST investment I have ever made. I was in such a negative space, consumed with negative self-talk and just going through the motions of life. My life changed in a matter of just a few weeks! I've since committed to a full year of coaching. My life has improved drastically!"

Jess Herrington, Rochester New York


I was hesitant to invest my time and money into this program...

"I felt like I had tried everything. So I was hesitant to invest my time and money into this program, afraid that it wouldn't make a difference. But, I've already pointed other people in Shaina's direction! It's such a breath of fresh air to have someone offer real solutions and be so supportive. I went from feeling like a failure to discovering my strength again. After reflecting on myself, my life and my goals, I now take consistent action to bring my value into the world."

Amanda Meddaugh, Chicago, Illinois


Give yourself the gift of connecting to YOU!

“This coaching program has really helped me clean up my thinking. I no longer live on autopilot, but rather objectively analyze my thoughts and decide whether they're beneficial or harmful. Give yourself the gift of connecting to YOU! Reclaim your confidence and discover who you are and what you really want."

Janai Brown, Navarre, Florida

I coach hard and my clients get what they came for.

Ready to be my next success story?

Total Investment: $4,000


Applications for April Enrollment open in March.


If you're hesitating, don't. Enroll now!

"Shaina rocks as a coach! When I first started, my mind was all over the place. I was overthinking, overdoing and just feeling stuck in the same place. I had a lot of financial worries about investing in a coach, but I'm so glad I did! Through weekly coaching, I unraveled the mess I was in and learned how to finally take inspired action. Shaina's program is value-packed and the investment is a no-brainer for lifetime support even after the 3 months. If you're hesitating, don't! Enroll now!"

Julieth Arenas, Chicago Illinois


The one and only coaching experience that has worked for me!

"Working with Shaina has been the one and only coaching experience that has actually worked for me, because her guidance shows you how to make your own choices in a meaningful and present way. Without hesitation, I would recommend her coaching to anyone and when I tell family and friends, I define it as literally "life-changing." Shaina has taught and passed along tools to understand myself; and from that foundation, I am able to mindfully determine how I want to show up in the world (which has been the best part). In turn, I'm making my dreams MY reality. The impossible literally became possible. I feel empowered and energetic about all the great opportunities happening."

LaurieAnn Nicoletti, White Plains New York


You've gotta join this program!

“If you're someone who struggles to take action toward their goals, you've gotta join this program! I'm a multi-passionate person who let fear and procrastination get the best of me. Since signing up, I'm finally taking real action steps and making things happen! Going from just learning the concepts to applying them has been a game changer."

Veronique Graves, Rockville Maryland