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“Shaina is great at busting through blocks and getting to the root of issues with precision and efficiency. I’ve made huge strides in my business and personal life since we started the coaching sessions. Shaina is always professional in the way she turns up to sessions, and talking with her is up-lifting and inspiring. I would recommend Shaina as a coach to anyone who feels stuck, or who wants to find a faster route to getting where they want to be.”

– Tara Hanrahan  


“One of the best things about working with Shaina is her ability to ask the questions that expose all of the thought patterns, misconceptions and fears that have been standing in my way. She has challenged me to break through the things that have been holding me back and has provided steadfast support, guidance and encouragement along the way. It’s such a comfort to know that she understands where I am coming from and that she is there to mentor me through this journey.”

– Caitlin Grant