Ep #1: Welcome to Permission Granted!

Welcome to Permission Granted, a show dedicated to helping you take charge and claim the life you really want. I’m Shaina Leis, Certified Life Coach and Educator,  and I’m dedicated to helping you make better everyday decisions that feel good and true to you.

Today, get a glimpse into all the goodness you can expect from this show. Also, I share my story and why I made the transition from YouTube to this podcast.

I’m so passionate (and excited) to be your guide as you rip up your own rule book and instead carve your own path.

Woohoo! Let’s get started.


  • What you can expect from the show
  • Why I left YouTube to start a podcast
  • The meaning behind “Permission Granted”



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Hey guys. Welcome!. Thank you so much for being here. This is the very first episode of Permission Granted. I mean WOW. My essential self is just elated right now– grinning from ear to ear. This podcast is being born to you from pure love and joy and I’m just so thrilled to be here on Day 1.

Now, you may already know a bit about me if you are a viewer over on my YouTube channel. In that case, thank you for being here. I appreciate your ongoing loyalty to me and my ever-growing content and really the next chapter of my journey.

On the other hand, if you have no idea who I am and what I’m all about, thank you for being here as well. I truly believe that when people “find me,” they find me for a reason– and although that reason may not be clear as of right now, it will soon become crystal.

So if you’re wondering who the heck am I and what am I all about…the twitter version– I am a Life Coach, and I’ve been a coach for about 5 years now, going on 6. I’m also the creator of Find Your Passion In 13 Days | And Never Work a Job You Hate Again– an online course that continues to help people escape their soul-sucking jobs and instead launch a purposeful career.

My ongoing mission with that course (and with anything I produce) is to help people break free from these outdated rules for success and instead discover and carve their own, unique path– a path that feels good and true and right to them, versus that linear path laid out for us by our parents, teachers and society in general.

Which really brings me to the title of this show: Permission Granted.

Fun fact! I actually started to create content for this podcast well before I had a name for it. Each time that I sat down to brainstorm titles, it felt forced and really hard and I was coming up blank every time. So I finally made a deal with the Universe. I said, “Universe, I’m not going to stress or try to force out a name. I’m just going to continue to do what feels good and trust that the answer will come to me. And when it comes to me, that’ll be my green light to GO.”

Fast forward to probably a month and a half or so later, I was lounging by a pool with my boyfriend– it was actually our 2-year anniversary and we got to talking about this podcast and the logistics of it so that I could finally bring it to life, when what seemed like out of nowhere, but of course it was my intuition, I said what about the name “Permission Granted?”

Now, it’s of course a phrase that people use occasionally in the American language, but I don’t know exactly when or where it stood out to me that I would’ve considered it for my show title. It was not something that was thought up during one of my brainstorm sessions or something I heard in passing and a lightbulb went off.

It’s like in that moment, because I had been so relaxed and blasé about the whole thing for a while, that it came through me. The days went by, I just kinda let it marinate without grasping onto it too tightly, and it started to feel better and better and more fitting and truer to my deeper self. It felt true to my story and what I stand for today as a coach.

Because after my personal struggles with being a long-time rule-follower and then finding myself in a deep, dark hole in my twenties (also sometimes referred to as a quarter life crisis), and after thousands of hours of reading and training, and coaching and teaching, I know one thing to be absolutely 100% true and that is: when we seek approval (and ultimately answers) from other people about how we should operate in the world– when we live our lives according to what society expects from us and we make decisions based on I should, I shouldn’t, I have to or I can’t, it leads us down a very hard, unfulfilling road.

And the problem is, is that 99% of us are living our lives in this way– in all aspects– education, career, business, relationships, parenting, etc.

We are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the instructions on what to do and what not to do.

 And I’m here to tell you, from my own experience, from my clients experience, my students and from the thousands of hours of studying life…relying on external influence and validation to determine how you live your life will lead you down a dead end road, wondering how you got there.

What you need to rely on, is:

  1. Your own intuition. Your own internal compass to steer the course, because only you know what’s best for you.

And once you uncover what’s best for you: who you really are and what you really want, you then rely on…

  1. Your own approval. We don’t need permission from our mom or dad. We don’t need somebody else to tell us that we’re good enough or smart enough.

The only approval we ever need in life is our own.

Now, the issues that many of us face are as follows.

For starters, most of us don’t know HOW to tap into our intuition for the answers.

Because growing up, we were trained to sit still and do as we were told. We were told which books to read. We were told which political party was bad. We were told what to do after graduation. We’ve been trained to follow the rules, as they were laid out in front of us…never being taught how to discover our own TRUTH. What makes us happy, what we really believe to be true, what we deeply desire.

So as grown adults, we still rely on outside influences to control our lives.

We are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the answers and the approval on what to think, how to feel, what to do and what not to do.

For example the person who despises their job, but refuses to jump ship because they were told it would look bad on their resume if they quit. Right? We follow some rule that was planted in our brains in HS and then what? We remain at a job we hate.

Another issue that many of us face…

Is that 9 times out of 10, what our essential selves are calling us to do goes against social norms or is in opposition of what people in our lives want for us. And we’re scared to say “F off! this is what works for me,” because we’re scared of what judgements they’ll have.

For example, the new mom whose breast feeding, but feeling depressed because of it…she’d much prefer not to, but won’t switch over to formula because she’s afraid of what the other moms will think.

Whether we are conscious to it or not guys– we allow other people’s opinions and beliefs and rules run our entire show.

Lastly, we’re terrified of failing.

If you remember in school, if we got a good grade, we’d get a sticker, a high five, $10 from our parents, we’d get the reaction, “Wow, you’re so smart. Good job!”

If we got a bad grade or did poorly in school, we were labeled a failure or a bad student.

So as adults, we try to avoid failure because we’re trained to believe that failing is bad.

For example, the new business owner who feels excited by his out of the box, innovative idea, but some guru told him it would never work and that he should be focusing on networking. So in an effort to please this “expert,” and because he lacks the internal confidence to overcome obstacles and make mistakes, he rejects his own ingenious.

We miss so many opportunities and chances guys, all because we choose to ignore our authentic selves and look to other people for what we’re capable of.

So if you’re listening right now…if you learn to tap into your intuition and continue to honor it day in and day out (regardless of external opinion and validation), your entire life will change for the better. That is not an exaggeration. That is my promise to you. And I can’t wait to showcase the reasons why week in and week out.

Anyway, getting back to my long-awaited explanation for “Permission Granted…”

As grown adults, we do not need permission from other people or society in general to live our lives the way in which feels good to us.

The only permission we ever need is our own. The only stamp of approval we ever need is our own. And that’s what I want this show to represent. My intention for this show is to be the reinforcement, the ongoing encouragement to do it your way– the way that feels good and true to you.

My intention is to grant you that permission for yourself.

You are allowed to feel good right now. You are allowed to make your own choices, from a place of truth and love, not fear. You are allowed to go against the grain and carve your own path. You are allowed to think outside the box and think for yourself. Consider this, permission granted to do all the above.


And obviously we are going to dive so far deep into this concept as we get going, but first just to give you a little personal background and why I’m so passionate about the work that I do…

Growing up, I was the queen bee of the rule-following colony. I was a straight A-student, I rarely got into trouble and I was always striving to do the “right thing.”

And for the majority of my life, following the rules felt easy and safe. Because A.) I didn’t actually have to think for myself or make my own decisions. And B.) I had constant reassurance from my parents, teachers and other authority figures that if I do this and do that, everything would be OK.

And after all, teachers and parents are the ones we trust to know best growing up.

So in high school, when I was told that in order to achieve a happy and successful life- I had to get good grades, go to college and get a steady, well-paying job…I thought ok then. That’s what I’m going to do, no brainer.

But ironically, after doing everything I was told to do to get to the highest point– get good grades, go to college and get a well-paying job–I found myself at my absolute lowest point.

I was 23 years old, working in corporate America, sitting in a cubicle doing work that I didn’t give a crap about.

I dreaded walking into work every day- forcing myself to complete these meaningless tasks and acting like I cared enough in the process to keep my job and pay the bills.

I felt like my soul was slowly dying.

I was completely unfulfilled; my body was always tense and I was highly emotional.

Whenever my boss called me into her office, I’d be on the verge of tears and I’d want to scream out, “I don’t care. I don’t care about this job.”

I remember, sitting in my car between sales appointments and crying my eyes out because I felt like there was no way out of my situation.

I would wake up one day and think, “OK, I’m gonna quit and volunteer full time.” But then, I was like, “Oh wait, I have bills to pay.”

It was a very confusing time.

All I wanted was to dive into something I was passionate about- and have exciting goals that actually mattered to me. But I didn’t know what that was or how to escape my current situation. I felt completely helpless.

I mean here I was $80,000 in student loan debt in a job I absolutely hated and no friggin idea of what my next move was– what type of career I actually wanted or how to get it.

I was desperate for answers! But I didn’t know how to find those answers, because again we aren’t taught how to seek our own answers. I felt lost without direction- like I was in the middle of the woods without a map.

Until one day, something just clicked.

I was sitting at my desk in my office when all of a sudden, from deep inside of my soul surfaced this crystal clear knowing that I was meant to do something really spectacular in this world.

And that belief in myself and my potential was the catalyst for some pretty big changes.

I walked over to an empty conference room, picked up the phone, called my boss who was out of the office and I quit. I quit without any plan.

Did it feel risky? Yes. but I did it anyway. Because in that moment my desire for a better life was too strong to deny. The feeling of “this isn’t right. This job is not my life’s purpose,” became so powerful I couldn’t ignore it any further.

So not too long after, I moved 3,000 miles away to California and started building a life from the truest expression of me, myself and I.

Now it was terrifying, I’m not going to lie. I had just left behind my old identity (one that was socially accepted by others), but I had yet to find my new one. I was scared. I had no clue what I was doing or where to start.

So, I followed the guidance of a life coach and I read dozens of self-help books because I had a lot to learn about myself and how to navigate my life in the direction of my dreams (whatever that looked like) all while paying the bills.

Taking the time to do this and lean on a coach to help me uncover my own answers… that’s when my entire life literally changed over 7 years ago.

Suddenly, my creativity returned. Ideas ran wild. I realized oh my gosh, these are the things I love. This is what I’m great at. These are my strengths. And putting all those pieces together… to begin a much more fulfilling, joyful journey.

I was on cloud nine. I was in complete alignment with my essential self for the first time in a long time. I was finally living life on my terms and by my rules.

Now, I went onto relapse a few times after that and fall back into my old rule-following subconscious programming, which I’ll share with you over time, but my long-awaited point is…

…the tried and tested method for genuine joy and success in the 21st century is to consistently and confidently take action based on what FEELS good and true to YOU. Always!

And I know at this point (episode #1), that statement sounds very general, but that’s OK, because each episode in this podcast will take a magnifying glass onto what this actually means and what this looks like in all areas of our lives– education, career, business and even our personal lives with things such as relationships and parenting.

I know I’ve already said it, but I’m truly excited and over the moon inspired right now as I step into the first few episodes.

Ya know I hit somewhat of a plateau on YouTube.

Deep down, I had been ready to pivot for quite some time, and the more I resisted the urge to do so and the more I kept trying to force a weekly video out of me– out of alignment, the ickier it felt and the slower my channel grew.

Now, I’ve received lots of emails and messages, asking will you ever come back to YouTube? And my response to that, is that I have not received a definitive answer from my intuition. So I can’t confidently say YES or NO right now, which is OK. It’s OK that I don’t know right now. It’s not my job to know.

I do know however that filming and publishing a weekly video does not feel good to me in this moment.

I think there’s the possibility in the future, to maybe adjust the frequency of videos I publish– for example switching from a weekly schedule to maybe a monthly schedule– that may feel much better to me. But again, no hard decisions have been made. All I know is that right now, my alignment is with this blogcast and that’s what I’m honoring.

I really don’t care what the YouTube gurus and experts say about posting every week and the importance of it. That worked wonders for me for 2 years because it felt good and exciting at that time, but now I’m erasing that rule from my personal, ever-changing book and writing in a new rule…one that feels compelling.

Currently, I have over 100 videos on my channel– all of which I am so proud of and offer what I think (and I know what others have found so helpful and even “life changing”). So none of that magic is disappearing. It is still very much there and available to you 24/7, thanks to technology.

This podcast is really intended to take things up a notch– to expand and take a deeper look at some of the topics I’ve already discussed over at my channel, but also incorporate a lot of new content that my intuition was telling me, this is TOO good and TOO juicy for YouTube. And I don’t mean that in a way that YouTube is not a good outlet for valuable information. That’s not what I’m saying at all. It’s a wonderful outlet for information. And I’m very appreciative for YouTube, and the opportunities it’s provided me with, it has served as a wonderful platform for my ideas, thoughts and to connect with people from all around the world.

It’s just that personally, where I’m at in my career and where I want to go, I began to see the limitations of the platform and also I was missing my target slightly– demographically speaking.

And here’s what I mean…

During the period of standing still, listening to my intuition and figuring out my next direction (whether or not to leave YouTube or completely revamp my channel, etc.), I got to talking to people– people I knew, people I had just met and it was eye-opening. Somebody had said to me, yea I don’t like my job, but it’s hard for me to open YouTube at my desk, however I can easily listen to a podcast and still look like I’m working.

Somebody else said I love your content, but the best time to listen is in the car on my way to work. And to open YouTube and skip around to each episode can get a little tricky while driving.

So there was that feedback.

Another thing I’ve realized over the past 6 months to a year is almost every client and student of mine is just about to turn 30 years old, just turned 30 or they’re in their early 30’s. The people in this age group are the people who come to me ready, open-minded and determined to make changes. And this is very interesting and helpful information for me as a coach and of course the growth of my business.

I went into coaching 5 years ago with a specific niche– to help twenty-somethings. Because it’s no secret that twenty-somethings are struggling today to find their place in the world after graduation. But for some reason, they don’t reach that point of urgency to ACT until 30 creeps in. It’s like they realize, OH CRAP, I thought I could just continue doing what I’m doing and my potential would unfold in time on its own, but it hasn’t, now what?

Now, if you’re in your twenties listening and you’re doing good, strong self-discovery work, bravo. I love that. I was that twenty-something. Gosh, I’ve talked to 16-year olds, people in their 40’s and 50’s. So if you’re here to better yourself and your life at any age, amazing! I’m just generally speaking based on my findings and analytics from the past few years.

Anyway so a big portion of my viewership has been this younger twenty-something audience. They think my videos are inspiring and motivating (all good and great), yet real change is experienced when you implement the concepts I teach.

And the people who are ready to apply these concepts are in a slightly different demographic from what I was attracting on YouTube.

I want to reach the people who are ready to take full ownership and live life on their terms, and in my soul this is the best platform for me to find those people and serve those people. This is the platform that my intuition has led me too.

And in a very general sense, I’ve just outgrown the quirky, sitting in my room, hey guys Happy Wednesday Shaina.

It’s kind of like…if you’ve ever seen the movie How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Kate Hudson who plays Andie Andersen Composure’s magazine “how to” girl…she writes articles about makeup, boys and shoes. But she gets to a point in her career where what she really wants to write about is politics and world affairs.

And in my very weak attempt to use a romantic comedy analogy here, that’s where I’m at.

Not that I was doing makeup tutorials on YouTube. I was talking about real life lessons on confidence, productivity and career satisfaction. And I definitely do not want to talk about politics– my least favorite subject on Earth. But, I’ve evolved in my career as a coach and because of that I wanted to set a new stage. Think of it as my videos are the 101 class and this podcast serves as the master class.

I think that’s the best way to put it.

I also want to take things up intellectually.

I can’t tell you how many comments I get underneath my videos saying things like, “This video is awesome, do you have any tips for me?”

And I’m like whattttt. The tips are in the video (eye roll emoji).

I still pride myself on simplifying complex concepts for my audience (in the past through 3-5 min videos)…yet I want this podcast to showcase the advanced content that’s flowing through me…and that requires a show greater in length and a mastermind group of sorts.

So no matter what age you are– if you’re listening right now and you’re ready to put your life in high gear, you are in the right place.

I have been through the wringer when it comes to finding my life’s passion, turning my passion into a profession, building a sustainable business and maintaining career satisfaction along the way.

I’ve experienced the highs and the lows– the ebbs and flow from post college life through self-discovery and through passion– to profit.

And I’ve formatted this podcast in a way that will help you break free from any struggle, overcome any obstacle, provide clarity amongst any confusion that you’re experiencing– all with 1 concept– and that’s how to think for yourself, how to make decisions for yourself consistently and confidently. If you can master this, you will achieve that maximum state of well-being in your life- in all areas.

You hold all the answers. I’m here only to serve as your guide to help you uncover those answers– never to tell you what to do. Because that’s how we get ourselves into these tangled messes.

I’ll help you identify the crappy rules you’ve been following and instead create new ones that serve you in the most joyous direction.

As you approach your days with intention, a new way of thinking and behaving that’s ALL YOU…game changer.

The types of shows I’ll be doing will be based on whatever my essential self pulls me toward, because that’s ultimately what’s going to best for you guys.

Right now, I’m being called to do more solo shows. But I’d love to add guest interviews, Q&A’s and even some live coaching calls– where I’ll bring somebody on and coach them for you to hear.

So whatever my essential self pulls me toward on that particular day and time. And as I follow my own, unique “feel goods,” I’ll be encouraging you to do the same with each episode and guiding you through this practice– because it’s where all the magic happens…whether you want to find your passion and dream career, make money, build your own business, have stronger relationships, be a better parent, and so forth.

Let’s break the mold together and start building a life that you’re proud and excited to live every day!

That’s it for today guys. Thank you so much for listening. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Shaina Leis is the best life coach on the internet because she is totally relatable, no matter which age group or field of work we belong to! She is very friendly and understanding. She can read our minds and feelings based on the situation we are going through. Her advice has helped me a lot, not just in my personal life and career, but also my financial goals. I am so glad that I fond her on youtube one day and signed up for her course find your passion in 13 days. I think have found my passion, but now I am working on confirming it and making it come true. Love you, Shaina. Your fan forever! From India.

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