Ep #7: How to Choose Which Trainings, Courses and Experts To Invest In

There’s so much information on the internet on how to do anything and everything. But how do you know what or who to invest your time, energy and money into?

I’ve dedicated today’s episode to answering that very question. Whether you’re looking to grow a business or you want to master your craft– I’ll help you decide which strategies and advice to take, and what to throw to the side.


  • Why you still aren’t seeing results (even with “proven” systems and formulas)
  • Which modern marketing tactics to BEWARE of!
  • How to know exactly which experts and strategies to follow yourself and which ones to ditch altogether!



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Welcome back everybody. Thanks so much for being here as always.

I’m feeling great, I hope you’re feeling great. I’m excited to get underway here…today, we are talking about online businesses and marketing.

You will find this episode especially helpful if…

A.) you have enrolled or you’re looking to enroll in online courses and trainings, but you’re unsure what to invest in or B.) you’re not necessarily looking to invest money, but you do take advantage of FREE online content, you’re just not sure which advice to follow from which expert in such a saturated market.

There’s information everywhere on the internet on how to do anything and everything from all different experts. There’s so much information on the internet, that it can be extremely difficult to navigate and decide which advice to follow when you’re looking to build or grow a business or you want to master your craft– whatever that may be.

The reason I was so inspired to do this episode is because a few months back, I was facetiming with my business coach as I do on a semi weekly basis and we somehow stumbled into a conversation about online marketing and how many get rich quick trainings and courses there are on the internet today.

And what I mean by that– there are a ton of coaches, consultants, experts, educators that claim to have what we need to reach our goals and FAST. If you just do this, if you just follow my advice and follow these steps that I’ve laid out for you, you will achieve the results you desperately want and fast.

Now, if you are building an online business or you’re interested in building an online business, you are going to be bombarded with courses and classes promising you XYZ if you sign up. Because we all know how creepy the internet is. Google and Facebook and Instagram know what our interests are, what our dreams are and even know which shoes we’ve been eyeing for weeks…so wherever we look, there’s a sponsored ad– an offer of some sort that catches our eye.

And in the beginning of turning a passion into a profitable career, signing up for every course and training thrown our way can be enticing…for a few different reasons.

  1. A lot of the time (especially today in the 21st Century where we are so spoiled and so accustomed to instant gratification­), we all want to shortcut our way to success so it’s easy to be lured in by a 21-day system. Right?

We’re like Wow, 21 days from now I can have my e-commerce site up and running and make 10k in sales my very first week. Sign me up!

The notion that all we have to do is sit back and somebody else is going to give us the right answers, without having to do our own researching, or making mistakes on our own, or figuring this or that out, is so appealing. Because that’s how we were taught in school…to sit in class and our teachers would provide the information/ or the answers to what would be on the test. So our rule-following antennas go up.

Another reason these online courses and trainings become especially appealing is that…

Most of us don’t know how to tap into our own intuition and guidance. And if we don’t know how to recognize what feels good and true to us and what doesn’t, we’re unable to cherry pick accordingly and instead get lost in this authority figure maze of what is right and wrong. And before we know it, we’ve signed up for every offer thrown our way and we’re putting all these different strategies into place, yet all that’s happening is that we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed in the process. We don’t feel inspired anymore and we aren’t getting the results that we want.

Another reason these online courses and trainings become especially appealing is that…

We don’t want to fail (remember– we’re taught that failing is bad), so we think by investing in somebody else’s program and doing what they tell us to do, if it does indeed fail and we don’t get the results we’re seeking, we have somebody to blame and point fingers at.

Well I tried, it didn’t work, but it’s not my fault. I did everything he told me to do or everything she told me to do.

It’s a way to avoid accountability.

Now, this episode is not to say that you shouldn’t ever invest in online courses and trainings and webinars to aid in starting or growing a business or master your craft. That’s not what I’m saying here at all, I just want to make that crystal clear. There are fantastic programs out there and really valuable information– both paid and free. And of course it’s necessary to develop certain skills, and learn new tricks, and so forth…but it’s when we rely and depend on other people to guide our path and make our business decisions for us that we get into trouble.

For example, if I want to sign up for an email service so that I can collect email addresses because building a community and keeping in touch is important to me and that feels really good, but I don’t know how to do that, I might Google “How to start an email newsletter.” A few articles or video tutorials will come up that will take me through step by step. Great. I’m not so techy, so learning this new skill is essential.

But then, I want to grow my email list, right?. Well that’s a whole new ball game. There are hundreds of ways to grow an email list. But which one is right for me? Is it consistently creating content, is it buying a Facebook Ad, is it speaking in my community, is it writing an e-book and using it as a free opt-in, is it guest posting on different sites? The list goes on and on. And in a space of overwhelm and confusion and not knowing how to connect with my internal guidance system, I enroll in Joe’s training “10 Days To 1,000 Subscribers.”

This is me saying, I don’t know what to do for myself. I don’t know what feels right so I’m going to let Joe decide for me. I’m going to follow where his internal guidance system led him and do what worked for him and think that’s what’s going to work for me too.

This is where things get messy guys. This is where decision-making goes awry. This is where we relapse into our rule-following selves.

Now, there are people whose internal guidance system is pulling them toward Joe’s course right? Because Joe (assuming) has connected to his North Star and has created this training from an inspired place inside of him to give value to others. There are people in this world who are meant and called to take his training. So it’s about recognizing when you are being called and pulled toward something or someone from a place of inspiration and excitement, not from a place of fear or desperation. Does that make sense?

So maybe I’ve been following Joe for years, I feel energetically connected with him, I love his content that he shares on a weekly basis so when he rolls out this new training, my body (physically) feels so light and my gut is saying YES! That’s me being pulled toward Joe’s course.

In a slightly different scenario. Maybe I’m not too familiar with Joe, I’m feeling super stressed within my business because I’m not bringing in any income, I feel like a bobble head, completely disconnected from my body and in a desperate attempt to make money I enroll in Joe’s course. This is me taking fear-based action.


So when it comes to starting and/ or growing your business, you must let your internal guidance system lead the way– always and steer from a place of inspiration, not fear. You must get clear, connected and aligned and then let your “feel goods” make the decisions from start to finish. From which programs you choose, which business experts you follow, all the way through the training if/ when you enroll and out the other side. Which means even if Betty, who is inspired and whose intuition is calling her to enroll in Joe’s program, would honor her authentic self all the way through the training. Meaning, that not everything Joe teaches may resonate with her. Not every step he lays out feels good to Betty. So she confidently takes what feels good and true to her authentic self and ditches the rest. She doesn’t depend on Joe and his word for word teachings to be her truth and steer the course of her path.

She takes his tips and tricks that feel good to her and her business, makes them her own and ditches the rest.

I hope this is all making sense.

It’s just so important to keep this in mind as you make business decisions because when everybody on the internet seems to have the magic formula for success, the proven 21-day system and the blueprint to 6 figures in 90 days, it can be hard to know what to invest your time and money into.

Now, I am a life coach (and again FB is well-aware of that fact) so I get hit with ADS left and right. Sometimes, I sign up for free webinars, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I invest in an online course to grow my business, and other times I pass.

It’s important to understand that not everything is going to work for everyone. What’s actually going to work for you and for your vision may be vastly different from the person next to you.

And that’s because one size does not fit all. A point that I will bring up a lot on this podcast.

Just to give you another example…

Let’s say that Dan is a financial one on one online consultant. He’s building his business but he’s struggling to find clients. So Dan signs up for a course that promises him 5 new clients in 30 days if he just follows a specific formula. Dan implements the steps and gains 1 new client.

Weird because he did everything he was supposed to do, right?

So he goes onto try another system that worked for his friend Fred. Dan finished the course, makes a few extra hundred dollars, but still in a business rut. Weird again! I mean he did everything he was told to do and it worked for Fred.

Then, Dan’s scrolling through FB one day, when he sees an AD that says…hey, have you tried everything, but still not making money as a financial consultant? Are you tired of these get rich quick formulas? Then follow me, because this is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

So Dan is pretty much drooling at the mouth, signs up and is now implementing all these new things, but again it’s not 100% working. Why is that?

Because the one size fits all method doesn’t work.

A lot of modern marketing is made up of these systems that worked wonderfully for the creators of them, but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to work for you. Why? Because we are unique individuals.

If everybody in the world is prepping for the NY  marathon, we’re not going to be like OK, every single person follow the same specific nutritional plan and the same daily workout regimen. NO. It would need to be customized based on our unique body type right?

And this is the exact reason I get so fired up about education (which you’ll know if you listened in on my education series)– clumping every child together…telling kids OK, everybody just get good grades, go to college, get a steady job and you’ll be happy. That cookie-cutter system doesn’t work. Yet, we’re still using it in schools and now I’m seeing it in business. And it’s BS.

The creators are getting rich because the marketing tactics work. People are like “Oh yea, I want to get rich fast. It worked for them, so it must work for me. Sign me up!” People eat that up.

It’s the same reason that our colleges are rich.

They’ve pretty much brainwashed us into believing “Give us $100,000 and you’re guaranteed success.”

 It’s not good. But again it works.

 This is nothing more than a story that’s been created to scare the pants off the public. Colleges use marketing tactics the same way other businesses do. And they use the scarcity tactic. They tell us, you need college. Marketers tell us you need our program if you want to get out of your rut.

Right? And what happens when we make decisions from a place of scarcity? It leads us down the wrong path, to do things we aren’t inspired to do. That’s all fear.

The best decisions for ourselves, decisions that keep us on the right path is from an aligned place.

What are you being magnetically pulled toward? From a place of love and excitement?

 Not, “I’m going to do this program because I’ve just been convinced that if I don’t, I’ll never succeed.”

Now, I do want to address the “elephant” in the room for a moment. You may be thinking, but Shaina you use some of the same marketing tactics or verbiage in your marketing (for example my course, “Find Your Passion in 13 Days”), well yea again that’s because it works and I gotta get people’s attention in a very saturated marketplace.

But here’s what’s actually different about my 1 on 1 programs and online course. My programs help people learn how to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves based on their unique make-up. It is the opposite of one-size-fits-all.

So yes, I have 13 modules and each one has specific practices and methods for my students to implement. But the practices are guiding people out of the one-size-fits-all and instead teaching them how to get into alignment with their essential selves and tap into the part that’s actually going to create results– now and throughout every leg of their journey.

That’s the difference. Because the issue is: that people are not thinking for themselves or don’t know how and/ or don’t have the confidence to do so.

This is a big problem. It’s the reason kids are getting out of college completely lost, because their like “shoot, following these rules didn’t work, but I don’t know how to navigate my own life, because I was never given the tools to do so.” It’s the reason new entrepreneurs are struggling. Because they rely on these systems to guide them to the finish line without knowing how to navigate the grey areas and nooks and crannies on a daily decision-making basis.

Colleges and online marketers are chewing people up and spitting them back out. They’re like well we got paid.

It leaves students saying “Why am I so unfulfilled?” It leaves customers asking, “Why am I still not making 6 figures?”

 We are trained to be robots. We expect to be told what to do in the classroom by our teachers so then of course that translates into the professional world.

We don’t have the tools to figure things out for ourselves. We bypass the foundational work of self-exploration. Which is why I created my program.

Yes, my program is step-by-step system (I’m not lying in my marketing, just like they aren’t lying in theirs…there are actual steps). However the steps I use help people to figure out how to make those decisions for themselves, what works for them personally and then confidently say SCREW the rest.

That’s the difference. I preach the opposite of one size fits all. I’m so passionate about ending that BS hence why this show exists today.

So the ongoing point here, is that even if you are called toward a particular expert, or training or course to help you grow your business, develop new skills, etc…

You must take what feels good to you, and be willing to screw the rest.

 Important points are worth repeating. You must take what feels good to you (but you gotta know how to do that, right? you gotta know how to make those right decisions) and then have the confidence to say NO to some things– to say, “that may have worked wonders for you, but that’s not going to work for my personality or what I stand for.”

For example, let’s say that Kristy, like our friend Dan, is also a financial 1 on 1 consultant and is at the beginning stages of her business. However, Kristy knows the ins and outs of herself– what she likes, what she doesn’t like, what works for her, she knows how to navigate her life from a more connected place, etc.

So Kristy, like Dan, needs to grow her skill set. She comes across a few programs, and chooses the one that resonates with her. Kristy is able to go through the program 1. confidently choosing which strategies make sense to her and what she knows to be true for her business. 2. Confidently throwing the concepts to the side that don’t make sense for her and her business and 3. Customize some of the strategies to look/ sound more like her personality and vision.

So all in all,  Kristy will gain much more value than Dan. She’ll be able to navigate and make better decisions for her unique self and unique business, because she knows how.

You can be the most self-motivated person, and have a BIG goal, but if you do not know yourself well enough to make big and small decisions, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money as you just sit back and be told what to do. If you revert back to the outdated way of learning and just being a rule-follower.

You’ve gotta know how to think outside of the box and tap into what feels TRUE to you.

OK so to recap on what to invest your time and money on when it comes to starting or growing a business or mastering your craft:

  1. Commit to programs that FEEL good and exciting. Programs that you are being pulled toward out of love, NOT pushed toward out of fear. Follow your intuition guys.
  1. Take what you need and what feels true to you and your brand.
  1. Screw the rest. And don’t be afraid to say NO, not going there. Not doing that!
  1. Build your business, your project, your life from the truest expression of who you are, always!

That is the gold. That is how you remain on track. It’s how you stay efficient and actually create the results you want. It’s how you stand out in a very crowded marketplace.

That’s it for today guys. Just remember that the only permission you ever need is your own. Thank you so much for listening as always. I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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