How I Attracted More Money in 21 Days (And How You Can Too)

April 22, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

If you think law of attraction is some mumbo jumbo, please don’t run away just yet. I have to tell you what happened to me first…

I took part in a 21-Day Money Challenge developed by the awesome Kate Northrup. Everyday I completed a short exercise that helped me get honest about my finances, shift my perspective from a place of lack to a place of abundance and identify my old money beliefs so that I could create new money beliefs- beliefs that left me feeling as though I was on top of the world.

Within those 21 days, here’s what happened:

  • I was paid for 2 full weeks of not having worked (and no they weren’t paid vacation days!)
  • I received a $500 check from a family member as a late birthday present (this was a major surprise seeing I had never received even a card from this family member in the past!)
  • I added a new paying client to my weekly schedule

I also got creative:

  • I exchanged old gift cards that I had never used for cash
  • I sold old furniture I didn’t want on Craig’s List to make room for new pieces (and to attract more abundance)
  • I cashed in my credit card rewards for extra money

Small things started happening:

  • The parking meters would be paid for when I pulled up
  • Store items I had my eyes on were now 50% off

All of this within a 3 week span. Incredible! Coincidence? I think not.

I want this “moneymaking magic” to happen for you too. So, I put together what I think were the most effective steps when it came to attracting more money. Here they are:

1. Make the decision to change your luck around money.

Transformation always starts with a conscious choice to change. If you really want to create more abundance in your life, then decide that TODAY you are going to make that happen. Decide that you will no longer feel worried or stressed about your finances because TODAY your luck is changing. TODAY is the day you begin to have a loving relationship with money.

2. Get honest about your financial situation.

There’s no more ignoring the bills or avoiding your bank statement. Take a hard look at the numbers- your checking, savings, credit card debt, loans, etc. As you complete this task, find a way to feel good about what you see such as focusing on what you do have.

It’s not always easy facing the truth, but remember that the truth really does set you free. Know that by doing this exercise, you’re getting one step closer to financial abundance.

3. Identify your crappy money thoughts that aren’t serving you.

We adopt most of our money beliefs as children from our parents. Beliefs like:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
You must work really, really hard for money.
People with money are evil.

Pinpoint the beliefs you’re still buying into- the ones that make you feel bad about money. For each crappy belief, come up with three genuine reasons as to why it’s not true! It’s time to rewrite what you’re telling yourself.

4. Create new money mantras.

The most important part of creating a new money mantra (or belief) is to feel good when you say it out lout or in your mind. This FEELING of wealth, success and freedom is what’s going to attract more of it.

Check out my PINTEREST Board “Money Mantras” for my favorites! (Instant up lifters)

Choose one or two mantras that resonate with you the most. Repeat these mantras. Each time your old belief rears its head; go to your replacement thought. Dance around as you chant this new mantra. (I’m not kidding. I did that!)

5. Pay attention to what you already have.

Whatever we pay attention to grows. Therefore, if you’re constantly focused on what you don’t have, you’re sending out a direction to the Universe that says, “Don’t send me anything.”

You must learn to be grateful for what you already have in order to attract more of it. (TWEET THAT)

One of my favorite exercises comes from the book “Ask and It Is Given,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Wherever you are, focus on one thing in front of you and stare at it, while feeling deep appreciation for whatever it may be. Do this for a couple of minutes and pay attention to the feeling of gratitude as it grows. This is the most powerful vibration that you can send! You’ll be buzzing like a bee.

6. Make room for more.

To attract more of what we want, we must make room for it. Clean out your wallet by throwing away or filing old receipts. Get rid of old club cards that you don’t use anymore. Deposit any checks you’re holding onto. Also, clean up your living space! Organize your closet, clean out your desk and sell or donate any unwanted items.

7. Watch your words.

Continue each day with more awareness of what you’re A.) Telling yourself and B.) How you’re feeling about money.

When you make a purchase, do you feel a pit in your stomach OR are do you remind yourself, “Well, there’s plenty more where that came from!” If you don’t buy something, just tell yourself, “I can afford it, but I’m choosing not to buy it right now.

Continue to come from a place of prosperity and abundance (even if you have to fake it for a while).

This is a money muscle that must be worked out everyday. Before you know it, you’ll see new money coming in and wondering, “Is this a coincidence?”

I think not.

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