How to Avoid a Quarter Life Crisis by Getting Rid of This…

October 6, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

We spend four or more years in college doing what we please with little authority, little responsibility and little money.

But what do we need money for in college anyway? We learn to adapt to the food at the dining halls, shop at local department stores and buy the cheapest bottles of vodka.

After years of living with the bare necessities, we are eager and ready to start making money as soon as graduation hits.

We start to think about all the things we want- that expensive SUV, a home without a roommate and other small upgrades like Grey Goose.

This brings me to the #1 killer thought that most of us have after college…

I need to make money now!

We act like wild tigers that have been released from their cage, in hunt for some serious cash flow.

So what happens when we are living by this mindset? We accept the first job that offers a decent pay and we work our post college butts off.

This is a short-term fix, at best, in reaching financial goals.

Whether you’ve scored a high paying job or your working 70 hours a week for a higher paycheck, if you don’t enjoy and love what you do, the lack of joy and fulfillment will catch up to you. Chasing after money instead of chasing after what you really want is your direct ticket to a quarter life crisis.

The thought we should be carrying around after college is…

I need to make sense!

What do I mean by making sense? Making sense of your life!

What’s happening right now? What do you want? What needs to change? What are your goals for the next year? What’s your calling?

A very different mindset equals a very different course of action.

The grads that are taking the time to answer the most important questions of all- the questions that set the stage for the long-term future- are the people who are ahead of the game called life.

You may be thinking, “What about the money?” The question is not whether the money will come because it will. The money always comes when you’re doing what you love.

The question is: are you willing to release money from the forefront of your mind as you make sense of your life?

(Note: It’s much easier to make sense of your life before jumping into the “real world” and making a big ole’ mess!)

So…Are you going to chase after money? Or chase after yours dreams?

Which one brings the most value to your life?

This is the start of making sense.

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