How to Get Re-Inspired When You’re Feeling Down In The Dumps

October 8, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

When I was in my early to mid Twenties, the word “inspired” was non-existent when describing how I felt. Confused, lost and desperate….now those were quite relevant.

When we travel on the wrong path, our sense of inspiration is crushed. Why? Because when we veer away from what we really want, our dreams seem so distant that they seem impossible.

Going from an impossible to a possible mindset is not easy.
Here are some steps that will help guide you back to a place of inspiration:

Unblock your Inspiration
You are already inspired. Well, kinda. All of the inspiration that you crave is already inside of you. Most people believe that they can’t feel inspired until something outside of them changes, but the truth is, you must feel inspired FIRST to make changes from a place of inspired-action!

For example, if you’re having the killer thought, “I hate my job,” and it’s consuming your mind, are you going to reignite your “fire” from that place? Not a chance! You’ll either remain stuck and uninspired or take action from a place of fear, only to find yourself in the same situation!

This brings me to the first step:

1. Identify what thoughts are causing your icky feelings. What thoughts are causing you to feel lost, confused and desperate? Jot them down.

2. Clean it up. I am the person who knows what you’re going through. I know how tough it is to shift your perspective on what seems like a terrible situation. But, you must be willing to clean up your messy thinking first in order to let your inner light shine! Go through each crappy thought and find the positives to it. What’s perfect about it? What are you grateful for?

For example, let’s take the thought, “I don’t know what I want.” I may say:

How perfect is this! It’s the greatest time to explore and discover what I do want. I now know everything I don’t want which is equally as important! Every breakdown is followed by a breakthrough. I’m so grateful that this is happening now and not 20 years from now. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be in order to evolve and grow.

Ahhhh what a shift in perspective. Refreshing, isn’t it?

This brings me to my next point:

3. Get to an OK mindset with your circumstances. I’m not asking you to go from 0 to a 100. But, get to a better place by managing your mind. Recognize that you are in control of how you feel no matter what’s happening. When you get to a better feeling place, that’s when you start opening the “windows” that allow inspiration to shine through.

Get Inspired Everyday
Now that you’re at a place of peace, it’s time to tap into your inspirational sources so that your energy level is heightened.

1. Find your inspirational source. This is the time to explore and play around with what works for you! Ultimately EVERY inspirational source is an outlet to adopt a new positive belief in your mind. Whether it’s meditation, music, hiring a coach, listening to an inspirational speaker, creating a vision board or reading a powerful story, they all help you BELIEVE in yourself, your dreams, your capabilities and so on. Whatever helps you uncover your deepest desires and helps you believe in it enough to go out and do it, those are the methods that work for you.

2. Utilize your inspirational source. Be willing to stretch your inspirational “muscles” everyday. What’s going to get you super fired up and pumped for your day? Withdraw one of your methods from your inspirational bank to keep the momentum going.

Have you listened to a motivational speaker (or watched a Broadway play like I have) to leave feeling totally empowered and on top of the world, only to find yourself back to your usual slump after a day or so? Yea, me too!

Work your muscle out.

3. Manage your mind some more. Just because you’ve reached a new “high” doesn’t mean your nasty thoughts won’t creep back in. Learn to detach from your negative thoughts and instead replace them with better feeling, positive ones.

What mantras work for you? (Hint: You’ll know if it works by the way it feels.)

My personal favorites are “my dreams are waiting for me” and “I can create anything I want.” Those may not ring true for you and that’s OK! I encourage you to find ones that do. These will be your replacement or go-to thoughts!

4. Start with small steps. As soon as ideas start rolling out, dreams begin to reveal themselves and the sun feels warmer than ever. We become eager to quit our jobs, move to Cambodia and start up own non-profit. Easy there tiger! Inspiration is powerful stuff! Hence, why inspired people do fantastic things in the world! However, this is the time to let this newfound sense marinate. This is not the time to make any huge commitments, yet!

Why? It’s kind of like winning the lottery, you have a ton of money all of a sudden, but if you don’t plan carefully, you may end up spending it all in one place- and quite possibly the wrong place!

5. Listen to your inner (inspired) voice. That little voice or whisper (not the big ole scary one that never shuts up) is there to guide you. That is the voice that holds your very best intentions. Your goal is to always take action from that deeper part of yourself. One small, inspired step after the next.

Then, don’t be surprised when you stumble upon your dreams : )

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