How to Get What You Want! SANTA Edition

Whether your deepest desire is as small as a new duvet or as big as finding your life’s calling, the steps to making your wishes come true are relatively the same. And in the midst of the holiday season, I wanted to share these important points in a special, Santa fashion.

While we must release our sense of dependence that we had as children, it’s important to maintain that childlike mindset of what’s possible. Most adults have this backwards!

Can you think back to a time when you achieved the exact thing you set out to do- when a vision of yours came to life? I’m sure it almost felt magical. But, it’s not magic nor is it luck. If you retrace your steps, you’ll come to see that you believed in your wish so much that it inspired you to take action until you reached the finish line.

When you have a wish, a little bit of hope and a sense of empowerment to take action…anything is (truly) possible. Not just today, but any day.

For this week’s VIDEO, click here: How to Get What You Want! Santa Style : )

with gratitude and much love,


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