How to Make Doing Laundry (and Other Chores) Suck Way Less

January 27, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Wouldn’t it be nice if the chores we loathed the most could instantly become more enjoyable? Well, you’re in luck. Today, I’m sharing a quick, simple tool for adding more joy and happiness into your everyday life. (And no, it’s not hiring somebody to do your “dirty” work. Although it’s always an option if you can afford it).

Before I introduce the tool, here are 2 important points to remember when you’re tackling your To-Do List:

Remind yourself of the reward. We tend to focus so much on the task at hand that we forget about the benefits. The act of doing laundry may not be the most fun, but isn’t wearing clean clothes a plus? We may not get an allowance for taking out the trash, but the clean, fresh air in our apartment is payment enough.

Our day-to-day duties add to the quality of our lives.

Change your verbiage from “I have to” to “I choose to.” Whenever we say we “have to” do something, it instantly leaves us feeling powerless like we’re doing something against our will. We resist reality when we think, “I’d rather be doing something else, but I have to do this.”

If you think about it, we really don’t have to do anything!

We don’t have to stop for gas. We don’t even have to pay our rent! (There are plenty of people that don’t do that). But, we CHOOSE to do these things because we value having a roof over our head and fuel to get us from place to place.

So instead of saying, “I have to do laundry,” replace it with “I’m choosing to do laundry because I value having clean clothes.

Making this small shift in our language makes a huge difference. And when we use the word “choose,” it’s an instant reminder of the task’s reward.

Now, it’s time to introduce the magic tool: The 4B’s

You can use this tool for any errand, chore or activity that doesn’t rank too high on your “personal fun barometer.”

I’m going to use the example of grocery shopping to demonstrate how the 4B Tool works!

Bag It: Can you get rid of it all together? Just not do it!

Example: Probably not an item you want to ditch altogether (we still gotta eat people)! But, maybe you stop going to the store and instead order your groceries online to be delivered.

Barter It: Can you get someone else to do it for you and in exchange, do something for him or her that you enjoy?

Example: Your friend does your grocery shopping. You wash their car!

Better It: Can you better the situation so it’s more tolerable and pleasant?

Example: You listen to music or an audio book. Or maybe you grab a treat after each trip to the store. What about bringing a friend along?

Boundary It: (A form of bettering it). Create a boundary for yourself so you know what to expect.

Example: You decide to drive to the closest store and be no longer than 20 minutes. You make a list and set a timer to honor this boundary.

It’s that simple. Go through each item on your To-Do List and apply the 4B’s. Which “B” works best for you and each specific item?

Life is too short to allow daily tasks to suck up our energy and happiness. Today, CHOOSE to focus on the reward and your ability to better your everyday experiences.

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