I Fell In Love Yesterday

November 12, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I’ve fallen in love all over again. The butterflies in my stomach. The smile I can’t seem to wipe off my face. Even the racing heart that terrified me into thinking something was seriously wrong!

People may wonder what the heck I’m head over heels in love with? From the outside, everything in my life looks like a carbon copy of last week. Nothing seems to have changed. But, there are changes happening within me (and my mind)- a constant shift that causes me to fall in love all over again…and again and again and again. It’s quite the love affair!

I’m talking about my future. I’m talking about my dream scenarios that I paint in my mind. I’m talking about the visions that feel so real that I’m completely infatuated- the same way I’d feel if the man of my dreams swept me off of my feet today.

How can I possibly fall in love with something that doesn’t exist? Well for starters, your mind doesn’t know whether you’re experiencing something in real life OR just in your mind. Therefore you don’t need the Channing Tatum to feel like you’ve hit the lover’s jackpot or the million dollars to feel financially successful. In fact, it’s by feeling these feelings first that will turn your mind-made vision into a reality. You may not get THE Channing Tatum (he’s married), but you will get the guy that feels like your personal Channing.

Think about the last time you fell in love with someone. Even when you aren’t with that person, you still feel that “high”- the one that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. That’s because you can’t stop THINKING about them.

It’s a daily practice to feel ecstatic about having everything you want (without physically having it), but it’s not only possible, it’s necessary to the creation process. And who doesn’t want to feel good everyday, all day? That’s what we’re all after anyway. A feeling!

You hold the key to feeling like you’re under some bizarre spell. I encourage you to access your power to this magical world. Sketch out your own fantasy and take at least 10 minutes a day to live it out through your mind…with all five senses. (Once you get good at this, you’ll be able to turn the switch on at any moment of any day.)

To stand on the brink of what’s coming, feeling smitten and excited- with no feeling of impatience or doubt- you’ve already gotten what you want. Now, the journey of it coming into your reality is just one, passionate adventure- to fall in love each day, all over again.

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