I Found My Calling, Now What? (7 Things To Do & Not Do On the Path Toward Your Dream)

July 22, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

To live your best life, you must identify what your talents are and what you’re most passionate about. Most people assume that this is the hard part.

People will ask me all the time, “How did you do it? How did you figure it out?” And when I respond, “I just did what felt good to me everyday and then a light bulb went off,” I see a look of confusion and disbelief in their eyes. How can such an extraordinary discovery be so simple? Well, not only was it simple, it was exciting and freeing.

In fact, in my opinion, it wasn’t until I unwrapped this gift of mine that things started to feel messy and hard.

I thought, “Yessssss, I’ve got it. But, now what?”

I have a talent, but don’t know where to exactly plug it in.
I have a million ideas, but I’m not sure which one to run with.
I have a big dream, but feel completely overwhelmed by it.

A small, microscopic part of me wanted to rewrap my gift, tuck it away and go back to a less challenging life. But once you unwrap your gift- the way in which you’ll bless the world- there’s no turning your back on this responsibility.

Navigating my multi-passionate ass through the self-help world and trying to figure out where I fit in to the grand scheme of things, has been anything but a cakewalk.

My poor head was on constant overload. Questions, fear, doubt:

“Am I supposed to coach? Teach? Facilitate? Write a book? Speak? Or all of the above? Am I supposed to market through blogging? Vlogging? Facebook Ads? Instagram? Speaking for free? Hosting Webinars? I want to work with young kids, but also parents. How can I do all the things I want on a budget? Where do I start? I don’t have enough connections! This isn’t working. I’m going to fail.”

And so on and so on…

I thought my first year of freedom- doing what I love- was going to be a year of big, big changes. In fact, I even chose the word “movement” as my word of the year. Looking back, I think a more appropriate word would be “alignment.” It’s been a year of trying to figure out where my unique self and talents fit into this field of coaching. I’m not 100% there yet, but the HOW in “How will I get there?” is looking much clearer now.

If I could go back and give myself the following advice, I would! Here are 7 things to keep in mind when you’ve discovered your “real” dream in life, but are completely overwhelmed:

1 Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re supposed to do. I promised myself I would never fall into this trap again. After all, this was the reason I ended up in the wrong life to begin with. But once I went through coach training, I was told things like, “You should start by building your one on one business first,” or “Facebook ads and free webinars are the best way to market.” So I followed these steps that supposedly worked for every other coach…but guess what? It was not working for me. I felt completely uninspired and wasted a lot of time following a “business plan” that did not resonate with me.

Be conscious of what rules you’re buying into! You are the expert of your own life.

2 Follow your own, unique path. No matter what leg of the journey you’re on, it’s crucial to stay true to yourself and what feels good. Just because something works for someone else, does not automatically guarantee your success. Focus less on repairing your flaws and weaknesses. Instead, identify your natural talents, build them into strengths and create a consistent, almost perfect performance.

Check in with yourself on a regular basis. Are you having fun, feeling challenged and inspired? If not, it’s time to reevaluate your action plan.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other people. I would get completely down on myself when I would hear entrepreneurs talk about their success- especially people in their 20s! I thought, “OMG, I should be at that point already! Compared to them, I am completely failing!” You’ll most likely read books, read blogs or listen to podcasts of successful people in your aspired field. This is great, but be aware of your thinking.

Notice when you’ve fallen into compare and despair and manage it! Be happy for somebody else’s success and let it uplift you. There’s plenty of it to go around.

4. Enjoy the journey and don’t be in a rush. For all you activators out there, this may be difficult. You have a vision, a strong desire and you immediately want to get from here to there. But now I know all too well that once you get “there” you’ll develop the same impatience to be somewhere else.

Ground yourself in the present moment and enjoy your life for everything it is right now!

5. Don’t force an idea. When you find your passion, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a ton of ideas! But, it doesn’t mean that each and every idea is going to work right now. If you want to dip your toe in the water, then fine. But, if you attempt to “work” through an idea only to find yourself 12 hours later without any progress, it’s time to reevaluate. Putting an idea to the side does not mean you’re giving up on it. It just means that the timing is not right.

Your time is valuable. Don’t squander it by trying to push an idea up a hill when it’s just not budging.

6. Look how far you’ve come. It’s so easy to convince ourselves that we’ve done absolutely nothing or haven’t made any progress, but it’s complete crap. Rather than looking at how far you have to go, how about looking back in the other direction? Reflect on what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve grown! It’s the perfect boost to keep you moving forward.

Jot down your achievements on a piece of paper. Pull this list out when you need some reinforcement.

7. Trust that the seeds you’ve planted will germinate. For anything beautiful to blossom- an opportunity to appear, a project to pick up traction- it takes time. Just because nothing seems to be happening on the outside, does not mean nothing is happening.

As long as you’re doing what you love, taking action that feels good to your soul and you’re creating value, you will see the rewards of your effort! Keep trusting.

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