JOY Part 4

You’ve heard me talk about self-discovery a million times!

And I’ll never stop babbling about it, because it’s GOLD.

I mean think about it for a second.

We can’t do the things we love, if we don’t know what those things are.

We can’t go after our dreams, if we haven’t clearly defined them.

We can’t show up in the world authentically and uniquely us, if we don’t know who we really are.

We can’t be of value if we don’t know how we can serve.

Self-discovery closes this GAP!

Getting to the know the ins and outs of yourself is a GIGANTIC part of your JOY journey.

JOY is your natural state of being.

Your natural state of being is the core of who you are– your TRUE self.

Your TRUE self is made up of your deepest dreams, desires, passions, personality, preferences, values and all the GOLD that makes up YOU!

Once you connect to it, JOY overload 🎉

To watch JOY Part 4: Bliss, click the image below.



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