JOY Part 2

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders?

The last time I watched it…I I literally almost threw up 🤢 

(hold the hate)

I am 100% sympathetic of the people who suffer from this very real disorder, so it’s nothing against them!

My sensitive stomach + minimalist personality actually (and physically) just can’t handle it.

If you haven’t seen it…

Twitter version: CRAP EVERYWHERE!

The show brings in a therapist (and dumpsters) to help the participant clean up their home and heal their mind.

Anyway, the reason I preface with this is because as I was preparing today’s video, I couldn’t help but think about all the humans (without an actual hoarding disorder) who hang onto so much CRAP of our own.

Negative thoughts. Limiting beliefs. Doubts. Fears. Lies.


Just rotting away at our soul 😫

This is a very BIG problem!

Our natural state of JOY (and TRUTH) is found at our deepest core.

But what happens is– as we move and grow through life– we are fed daily information (aka limiting beliefs) from the external world around us.

So by the time we’re adults, we’ve buried our truth under a pile of thoughts that are not serving us!

My point is…

In order to connect to your source of JOY, you must dig up all the JUNK that’s blocking it.

You must be willing to let go of everything that’s not working.

You must create the SPACE for JOY.

To watch JOY Part 2: Letting Go, click the image below.



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