Career Clarity Part 5

You’ve made it to the final stretch of my Career Confusion to Clarity Series.

Rośe anyone?

Today’s video is special to me.

When I sat down to outline my main points for the final video, I was inspired to reflect back on the moment that my life changed forever.

I’m not sure if I ever told this story in it’s entirety before–or at least I’ve never told it in the way you’re about to hear.

When I was at my second corporate job fresh out of college, I would pray to God for a way out.

Please God! If you can just throw me some extra cash or a new job opportunity, I can finally break free from this hell hole and live happily ever after. Oh yea, and I’ll never sin again.

(you know how that goes…)

Then, one morning– a normal work day– the Gods above answered my pleads and gave me what I had been praying for.

I scratched off a whopping $10,000 on a MA State lottery ticket.

What I received that morning wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it was exactly what I needed.

To watch Career Confusion to Clarity Part 5, click the image below.



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