Journaling Daily

When I first started out in this biz (and naturally began to stalk other coaches) it was obvious that a lot of them had their daily rituals.

Green smoothies, yoga, meditation…

“Hmmm, am I in the right field?” 

Smoothies give me a stomach ache.

I’ve tried yoga once and through the entire 1.5 hour class, I thought: I’m never doing this again!

Meditation is cool, but I’m no Gabrielle Bernstein, that’s fo sure.

I wondered, what is my thang?

Other than reading self-help books, creating killer content and coaching clients 😉

What’s my daily ritual that gets me moving and grooving to the beat of my own drum?

I mean I used to journal here and there, but never made it a habit.

Until last year.

I joined a self-coaching program that pushed us to self-coach every single day. And that’s when I committed to using my journal for at least 20-minutes a day.


Now, I truly look forward to it when I wake up in the morning.

Journaling is like going to the gym, but for your brain.

In fact, I journal every morning for the same reasons that people work out at the gym.

Because I feel really good afterward. Because I have more energy.

I use my journal to stay mentally and emotionally strong 💪🏻

And I’m excited to share some of my journaling goodness with you over the next few weeks!

To watch, Journaling Daily, click the image below!



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