Setting Up for Success in the New Year

Being “hopeful” sounds pretty and nice. Doesn’t it?

In fact, at a glance, it seems like a positive emotion.

But hope is detrimental to our goals and dreams.

Hope is passive.

Hope keeps us hoping, not creating.

I hope things get better one day.

I hope I figure it out.

I hope things change.

I hope my business will take off.

When we live by hope, we sit back and we wait. We wait for a breakthrough.

It’s like waiting at the bottom of a tree, hoping an apple will fall from it.

Hope doesn’t inspire action.

Hope is a way to not ask much of ourselves.

My hope for you is that you stop hoping.

My hope for you is to create a great future, not just hope for one.

My hope is that you stop chillen at the bottom of the tree and instead climb it so that you can claim what’s yours.

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