Look! Your Dreams Have Already Come True

May 11, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Over the weekend, I attended the Pitch Perfect 2 World Premiere here in Los Angeles.

The red carpet, the cameras, the celebrities, the screaming fans…it was quite the Hollywood experience.

(Here’s me with Anna Kendrick : )

For so many young people, their dream of meeting their favorite movie star was coming true.

Although it has never been a dream of mine to get up close and personal to the Pitch Perfect cast, when it was all over, it was a wake up call as to how many of my own dreams have come to fruition.

In fact, not just mine, but yours too!

We have already manifested so many of our desires, but…

…we are so focused on what’s next that we don’t realize when we’ve gotten the exact thing we hoped for.

So I sat down and:

A.) thought about how far I’ve come on my journey called life

B.) jotted down the all things I once longed for that were now my reality

Today, I’m encouraging you to make a list of all your dreams that have already come true both big and small.

Maybe you longed to be in a healthy, loving relationship and now you are. Maybe you aspired to have a career doing what you love and now you do. Or maybe you just wanted the perfect piece of art for your living space and now it’s hanging on your wall.

This exercise is powerful in a few different ways:

1.) When we adopt the mindset, “Yes! I got the exact thing I wanted,” it makes it much easier to attract our next desire.

2.) It helps us feel more appreciative for what we have which can otherwise be easily overlooked.

3.) It stands as a reminder that we are capable of creating anything we want!

Here’s a peek at my list.

At one time, I wished for:

* A career that was in alignment with my purpose
* Clearer skin (adult acne is a real thing people!)
* To live in Los Angeles
* A day job that allowed me the time to work on my business but paid me enough to only have to work part time.
* An improved social life (being an entrepreneur can get very lonely)
* Straighter, whiter teeth (if you don’t get anything else from this blog, please remember to wear your retainer! 🙂

These once “far off fantasies” are now my reality. How cool?

I moved to Los Angeles almost 4 years ago where I found my calling in the self help world. I have the best part-time job ever! My circle of friends has grown immensely and my relationships have deepened. I’m finishing up my last round of Invisalign and my skin has come miles from where it was.

Back then I wanted these things so badly that I never imagined I would “miss” them as they entered into my life. But, I did! And I guarantee you have too.

Now, it’s time to pinpoint all the wonderful things you’ve created in your own life.

Once you have your list, recognize how good you are at this dream making stuff, appreciate what you have and know that what you want is already on its way.

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