My 2015 SUMMARY!

December 23, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

A good scientist never repeats the same experiment twice, expecting different results.

If we don’t take the time to identify where we went wrong, what we can do differently, what worked, what didn’t work, and so forth, we’ll wonder why the next year was no more exciting as the year before.

Sure, some people make resolutions, but we all know how 80-90% of those turn out.

This is where I come in..

I was sitting on my couch brainstorming ideas for a New Year’s video, when an idea for a simple, but effective activity came to mind. It’s one that you can do by your lonesome, with a friend or a group and it makes for an awesome New Year’s Eve tradition.

It’s called “My 2015 SUMMARY.” Sounds simple, but watch this week’s VIDEO to take part in the best end of the year exercise EVER!

Let’s spark some positive change together, shall we?

CLICK BELOW. Enjoy : )

p.s. the lighting was a little off on this one

with gratitude and much love,



Hello my friends. We are so close to the end of the year and what better way to close it out then to do a total recap.

I want to help you reflect so that you can celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes and continue to grow in the new year. I am all about forward movement.

Guys, I just want to state for the record that I am sooooo super smart. I came up with this end of the year activity all by myself. It’s genius. In fact, I should probably look into trademarking it or something.

Stop music, sound effect dialing phone. Me calling on landline reading off a piece of paper“Hi is this the lawfirm of Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf.


The activity is called My 2015 SUMMARY!! But of course, the title will change every year- you replace the year with the number of the new year…pretty self explanatory.

And it sounds pretty simple, right? No no, wait for it….

First, I wrote the word “SUMMARY” in a vertical position and then transformed into an acronym.

It all just kinda came together in one sitting. Here’s what it looks like:

The S stands for Success: your #1 success of the year. U is for upgrade- something you’ve improved from the previous year or years. The first M is the moral (or the most important lesson you learned this year to take with you moving forward). The second M- what is your fondest MEMORY from this past year? The A is for your biggest achievement- an accomplished task/ something you were working toward. R is for REGRET- what do you wish you had done or didn’t do that you learned from. And lastly, Y is for yearning. Your #1 desire and wish for the new year!!

It was actually easier coming up with this activity than it was to do it. It some serious reflection.

ADD funny scene?

I was like what did I do this year? At one point, I acted as though was on who wants to be a millionaire when I phoned a friend- hey what would you say was my #1 success this year?

Yes going with that one. Final answer.

This is what I wrote down. Here we go…

1.) Success- My number 1 success was actually a pretty big lifestyle change in regards to food. If someone were to show me the inside of my refrigerator or pantry years ago and told me that it was mine, I would’ve thought person was on drugs. I grew up eating anything and everything, but within the past year I have become so much more conscious about what I’m putting into my body and I’m much more educated about foods. Absolutely my #1 success, this year has set me up to lead a much healthier life moving forward.

2.) Upgrade- This was easy. I made a physical move mid year to Brentwood which is an amazing area in LA- so safe and trendy and I just feel like it came at the perfect time for where I was at in my life.

3.) Moral- The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this year is that although I know without a doubt that I’m on the right path, my lesson is to trust my own timing. I tend to want things to happen quickly, but I’m starting to see and (trust) that I’m being put through a lot of hoops, because I need to be able to guide others through all sorts of obstacles. I’m learned to relax and enjoy the journey.

4.) Memory- My biggest memory, going all the way back to January was going to Sam Hunt’s concert. You’re probably like really, that’s your fondest memory? But, yes. I probably drank a little too much, but I was nervous guys…it’s my future husband.

5.) Achievement- Is definitely starting this channel. I had the epiphany to make youtube videos in April, and I uploaded my first video in august. So to have taken massive action- getting the equipment, forming my ideas into video, teaching myself how to edit and use software (because I didn’t know anything), and to just take that big first step…I’m pretty proud of myself.

6.) Regret- My biggest regret is not getting out in the community more and sharing my message out there, physically in front of people. People will say, wow you have guts to be on YouTube, but honestly this feels very natural to me and not at all out of my comfort zone. But, by pinpointing this regret of mine, I’m already thinking of new opportunities to create in the new year.

7.) Yearning- My biggest desire is for my career to take that next level as far as my viewership and people hearing my messages and my voice. Because we all know my voice is so soothing….

That’s my recap guys. Like I said, I’m kinda obsessed with this activity and I’m honestly going to live next year with these answers in mind. And I think it motivates you to achieve more knowing that you’re going to be doing this at the end of the year!

So please take the time to do this. Curl up with a cup of tea (or glass of wine). You can even do it with someone else. It makes for a great NEW YEARS EVE tradition if you’re like me and like to stay in.

That’s all for today guys. Like this video if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to my channel to start your new year off right!! I’ll see you next week! Bye.


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