REAL Life Tests

May 29, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I had just finished a 20-minute meditation on self-confidence. I was feeling good. No, scratch that, I was feeling great! I was going about my daily life with a natural high, buzzing like a bee and feeling as though I was still standing at the top of the cliff on the deserted island as imagined just a few hours earlier.

Then, a brief encounter shot me down. It was like I was now lying on the ground, struggling to get my wings up to working order again.

This isn’t the first time I felt like I was on cloud nine when something came into play that attempted to bring me down.

So what gives? I thought I was supposed to be attracting good energy. I thought money was supposed to be falling into my hands, opportunities showing up at my door and people actually presenting their best, angel-like selves?

Then, I realized, it’s just another test from the Universe.

Law of attraction is a science. It’s a subject that I study and put into practice everyday. The Universe is my teacher and as my teacher, it distributes real life tests.

The question on the test, I presume, would look something like: “Which of your tools would be most beneficial in this situation?” or “How will you handle this negative encounter from a place of peace?”

In my opinion, writing a 100-word essay on the topic would be much easier, but instead I am “graded” on my action or inaction in the moment of what’s happening.

The Universe may be the teacher, but I’m the one who evaluates my progress. That’s the beauty of personal growth. It’s about reflecting on real-life situations; recognizing how far you’ve come on your journey and pinpointing which areas need improvement. It’s all part of the process in becoming the best version of you!

Which techniques have you used that have been successful and which ones had you falling right into someone’s evil trap?

Next time, I’ll share which swords I use to ward off the soul sucking energy of others…