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Recess School

Think Netflix, but for personal development.

My online portal that hosts all the thingscourses, classes, coaching, workbooks, bonuses and more!

courses + trainings

30+ Video Modules for every style of learning– video and slides, MP3’s and transcripts. Worksheets for everything!

As of today, this includes:

— Find Your Passion Course ($947 value)

— Mind Management ($127 value)

— Taking Action ($127 value)

— Journaling & Self-Coaching ($127 value)

And everything that I ever come out with!


— LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Calls + Q&A inside the community. Get coached on anything keeping you stuck forever!

— Q&A Forum. 24/7 access to me. Ask me anything.

— Discounted Private Coaching Calls. Easily schedule from inside your membership site.


— Audio Library. In this podcast-like section of the site, I cover an array of topics. Sit back and enjoy the show.

— HOME FREE: Turn Your City Apartment Into a Happy Home

— Webinars (How to Get Unstuck In Your Career + Life)

— YouTube Class. Study guides and worksheets to my popular videos.

So why did I create Recess School anyway?

→ My not-so-secret frustration toward traditional education. The fact that calculus takes precedence over mind-management is bananas! I vote coaches over “counselors” and mandatory meditation. Shaina for P-R-E-S-I-D-E-N-T!

The name “Recess” was fitting. Recess was that time of day in school that we were granted PERMISSION to freely run around and really be ourselves– play, explore, engage– our true personalities and the essence of who we are came out. It was a time of day that we weren’t sitting still in a room, being told what to do, what to think, what to learn and how to behave.

And then we get to middle school and that freedom is taken away. Weirdly, it’s around that age that most of us lose our authenticity and start to give an actual sh** about what everyone thinks and what everyone else is doing. We look outside of ourselves for answers on how to be in the world and we lose our TRUTH. 

end rant.

→ Recess School is a place to re-discover your truth. A place where you have the freedom + space to learn all about YOU– the good and the not so good. We’ve gotta dig up all those annoying limiting beliefs that you adopted along the way that aren’t serving you in the direction of your dreams and goals. What you uncover in Recess is eye-opening. It’s shocking. It’s fun. It will turn your life upside down…but in a  good way :)

→ It just made sense. I wanted ONE organized space to host all my things. Because there’s a lot of it and it only keeps on growing. I also wanted a place where I could provide ongoing support for my clients and members.

How do i get access?

two ways!

1. When you sign up for private coaching, you also get LIFETIME access to Recess!

2. You can get instant, LIFETIME access for one low payment of $2k.

If you love my channel, I can help you take things to the next level.

“The best life coach I’ve come across on the internet! Thank you for helping us.” – Magalie Brunelle

“Recess School. Oh My God! This stuff is fantastic. I feel like somebody has read all the self-help books for me and gave me the most manageable steps to follow. Every video is SO GOOD! Thank you for helping me find happiness again in just a few weeks.” – Anupreet Kharbanda

“Shaina is the reason I’ve started my own business and am now my own boss! When I felt stuck, unmotivated and lost about my career choices, she helped me out of that rut. Through her teachings, I was able to sort through my situation, figure out what’s most important and discover my passion. Shaina is more than a coach. Talking to her is like talking to a friend who has your best interest at heart. I’m so incredibly grateful. Thank you Shaina!”– Elizabeth Solis  

“If you love Shaina’s channel and you’re serious about making a change, you’ve gotta join this program! Since enrolling, I’m much happier, less stressed, excited and full of energy. Having a roadmap to get to where I want to go and who I want to be has been a game changer.”” – Caren Saxe

“I can’t believe how much has changed and how free, happy and excited I’ve become. Even among an unexpected tragedy and the pandemic, this has been one of the best years! I’ve taken control of my life, making a big move and know that I can tackle whatever comes my way. Thank you for all the tools you’ve given me!” Alex Curtis

“I was skeptical at first because of a bad experience I had with a career counselor. I didn’t want to make another poor investment. But I’m so happy for my decision. It was worth every penny and totally changed my life! The course was my guide to clearing off my debts, making big decisions and discovering my passions. Today, I’ve completed my financial goals, quit my job and I’m zeroing in on my unique niche. You are simply awesome. Thank you for creating this course. I’ve already recommended it to my family and friends.”– Parijat Rao

“I am so glad I came across Shaina’s inspiring content on YouTube a couple of years ago. I religiously watched her videos each week, and when Shaina offered group coaching calls last year I quickly put my hand up. I wasn’t expecting to get a lot out of a group call, but I was wrong. Shaina has a talent to quickly pinpoint any messy thinking and steer you on a path of self-discovery with simply a few well worded questions. I got so much out of these group calls that when Recess School opened I was probably one of the first to sign up! I came to a career crossroads a year ago, and have been struggling to find my way and take action, however with Shaina’s help and guidance in Recess School I have been making huge progress toward my dream career, and the level of confidence and self-belief I have in myself is continuing to grow stronger every day. Thank you so much Shaina!” – Belinda Retamal

“Breath of fresh air! If you want to hear from the perspective of someone who has experienced the shocking challenges of post-grad life and overcame these challenges, Shaina is the go-to expert on this topic! She’s compassionate, kind, down to earth, and hilarious. She’ll give you the truth when it comes to the change you need to make in your life to experience success. And she’ll make you laugh while doing it! Thank you Shaina for shedding some light on these topics. You are a star, and I am so glad that I found you!” – Francesca Woltanski  

“I am grateful to have found you and your work. You have truly changed my life for the better!” – Sage Gray

“Shaina Leis sounds like the genius best friend you wish you had. She’s given me the inspiration to quit the job that I hate and do work that I’m actually proud of instead of work that just gets me by for now. She’s approachable and brilliant without being condescending, and unlike a lot of other coaches, she doesn’t pretend that her own life is perfect. Her relatability is unmatched and the world is, quite frankly, lucky to have her.”– Jessica Sager  

“I’m absolutely obsessed with the positivity you bring. You really help motivate us to get up and seize the day! I can’t thank you enough for bringing out the good in people, and showing life in a positive way.” – Scott Hall  

“Shaina Leis is amazing! I could tell right away that she lives what she advocates. Her content, while directed towards helping Millennials, is helping me as a 44-year-old engineer, who is just starting a career. Everyone who is unhappy in a career choice could benefit from her work. She is the real deal!” – James William  

faq's for ya...

What about future courses and trainings?

Anything and everything that I create gets placed directly into Recess School. Which means, when my next thousand dollar course launches, it will be free of charge to all members and clients! 

→ What if I only want access to one or two things?

You can visit my SHOP (coming soon) and purchase stand alone products.

→ What if I purchase individual products and then decide to enroll in private coaching or Recess? Will I get reimbursed?

The lifetime value of Recess is so high that we don’t have a system for reimbursements.