So You Want to Quit Your Job, BUT…

October 22, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Do you know that you’re at the wrong job, but the thought of leaving feels scary or risky? Do you feel totally stuck as if there’s no way out?

If your gut is screaming, “Wrong job, wrong job. This is the wrong way,” but your mind is giving you all the reasons you can’t quit, it leaves you feeling completely paralyzed and confused!

This post is not to encourage or advise you to quit your job right now. I can’t possibly know what’s best for you….only you can! The goal of this blog is to help you question your thoughts around leaving (or not leaving), help you regain your power in what seems like a “sticky” situation and help you uncover ways to feel better right now.

Here are the most common arguments your mind will make:

“I can’t quit my job because I don’t have another job lined up yet.

This is probably the most popular mind-made argument. You hate your job, but lack the security of having another one to go to.

Generally speaking, “security” is defined by society as having a steady job with a steady income. Is security something you really value? If the answer is “Yes,” answer this: Why do I think I need to quit my job right now?

Relish in the fact that you have the power to quit, but you VALUE having a paycheck and are choosing to stay for now. Using the verbiage “I can’t” takes all your power away. Instead, congratulate yourself for coming to the realization that this isn’t the job for you. You are AWAKE now and that’s more than most people can say.

Use this time to start exploring what’s next for you while taking comfort in knowing you won’t be in this job forever. Be grateful to have the security you value so much while planting the seeds for your next venture…something you love.

If you’re thinking, “Well I can’t physically, emotionally or mentally take this job anymore. I don’t care about security. I value freedom.” Then, that’s good to know isn’t it?

That was me! I left a stable job without anything lined up because I wanted my freedom back. In my case, everything did work out beautifully.

Without having worked with you one on one, start with these questions: What’s most important to me right now? What am I willing to give up and sacrifice? How much longer am I willing to stay at this job? How can I feel better right now?

No matter what your decision, I encourage you to get to a place of peace with your current job. Clean up your messy thinking so you don’t have built up resentment when you do decide to “pull the trigger.” Leaving from a place of peace is much healthier for your soul (and for your future referrals).

I can’t quit my job because I need health insurance.

Health insurance is one of those things that you don’t realize the importance of until you’ve entered the real world and taken off your parent’s insurance. “$200 for a checkup! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Our health is important…and so is not spending your entire week salary at a doctor’s office.

So, have you looked into other health insurance options OR just quickly bought into your mind’s argument?

Most of us give up the fight without ever going the extra mile and questioning our thoughts! We’re quick to think, “OMG, I do need health insurance. You’re right. I can’t leave.” A better rebuttal would be, “I do value having health insurance. I hear what you’re saying (voice inside my head), but let me see what other options I have right now.

From this place, you can start exploring other alternatives. For example, there’s the new healthcare law allowing kids to stay on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26. Or what about individual plans at lower costs with the help of the Affordable Care Act? Other employment opportunities offer healthcare too ya know!

The point is…don’t allow your mind’s statements to win. When there’s a will, there’s always a way.

I can’t quit my job. Imagine what everybody will think!

Well, why do you care what everybody else thinks? It’s your life isn’t it…your happiness? This is a classic example of handing the steering wheel of our life to everybody else. Most us don’t even realize we are doing this! This one thought can keep you in a job way longer than you want to be. This is how powerful our thinking is.

Our minds have the ability to convince us that everybody will be saying what a fool we look like, how we aren’t capable of holding down a job or what a failure we are. First of all, who is this everybody that our minds speak of? A.) Other people could care less. They’ve got their own lives to tend to. B.) The majority of people who truly care and love you will support you in all your decisions because they’ll never claim to know what’s best for you.

Don’t feed into this thought! You’ll veer farther and farther away from the life you’re meant to be living. Stay in your business. What do you feel? What thoughts do you have that need to be managed?

I can’t quit my job because it’ll look bad on my resume.

I loathe this thought. It’s just another sucky thought that keeps us stuck. When we buy into this thought, we’re basically saying, “I don’t care if I hate my job, I must stay at it for the sake of a better looking piece of paper.

Is a future employer going to hire you because of this piece of paper or because of your confidence and impeccable drive for success? You’ll have a much better chance at blowing someone away by demonstrating your commitment to your personal well being rather than your commitment to a job not worth committing to.

Let’s say you did leave a job after just a few months to sail around the world. Do you really think an interviewer will scold you for your “unproductive” time off? My guess is that he or she will ask you how you did it!

Are you taking action (or non action) from a place of fear- scared of how it may or may not look on your resume? OR are you taking action from an inspired place- following what feels good and lights you up?

I can’t quit my job because if I stick it out a bit longer I may get a better position within the company, and then make more money and then I’ll be happy.

No. No. No. No. This is like being in an unhealthy relationship convincing yourself that if you give it a few months, your significant other will change.

Whenever you find yourself making excuses to stick out a situation that’s not working, it’s time to stop and refocus on the NOW. Living for the future is a sure sign that you’re taking action from your ego.

What happens to the person who sticks it out, gets the promotion and makes more money? They get there (which will be the present) and wonder why they’re still not happy! Hmmmmm.

If you don’t find your work meaningful and enjoyable, no amount of money is going to supply the fulfillment that you’re looking for. Your mind will try to convince you otherwise, which is why you must question its ridiculous commentary.

Stop chasing happiness. How can you find happiness right now?

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