Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Nope! Your Words Cannot Hurt Me

July 2, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I was sitting there, engaging in a conversation with a few friends, when someone began mocking me. It was very clear that it was being done intentionally. My initial impulse was to fight back, but I quickly grabbed the reins of my mind and realized that it was the perfect time to put into practice what I’ve been reading about.

I focused on my breath and grounded myself in the moment. I imagined that I had an invisible force field around me- protecting me from the harsh words.

(Sounds woo woo- I know! But, stick with me for a second.)

All of a sudden, (and I am not making this up for the dramatic effect of this blog post) I could feel the negative energy bounce off of me and back onto the other person. They became quiet and still, as did I. Their energy shifted from negative to quite uncomfortable.

I wasn’t angry or upset at their actions. I was at peace. I saw their words for what they were- a direct reflection of the anger and hurt within their own mental prison.

By choosing silence, I did not add to the suffering. By choosing silence, I was able to say, “This is all you and has nothing to do with me,” without using words. By choosing silence, I chose love instead of hate.

Next time someone tries to put you down by saying hurtful and mean things, try the following steps:

1.) Recognize what’s going on (awareness is always the first step)

2.) Remember to breathe and ground yourself in the moment

3.) Imagine a force field around you- preventing negative energy from passing through

4.) Remain silent. Be present. Detach from any messy thinking. Remind yourself that the words being spoken have nothing to do with you

5.) Observe the result obtained from your inaction

6.) Be proud of yourself for choosing peace

We have the tendency to want to show others how their behaviors are wrong or hurtful by shouting back or saying mean things ourselves. But, aren’t we just as guilty in that moment?

The best line of defense you can take is to choose silence, for both yourself and the “attacker.”