The Perks of Being a Clueless TwentySomething

January 16, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

To find the silver lining in a situation that feels all wrong is no easy task. I get it. I’ve been there.

But, let’s flip the switch for a moment…shall we?

One of my favorite questions to ask is, “What’s perfect about this?

This question is EXCELLENT.

It has the power to shift your entire perspective.
( and perspective is everything. )

Here’s a look at why YOU are one lucky duck…

1. A Quarter Life Crisis Sure Beats a Mid-Life Crisis

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather start living my best life now than thirty years from now. Waking up at fifty years old, wondering why I’ve wasted years at a job that doesn’t excite me sounds pretty horrible.

You are awake right now and that’s fantastic news!

When I was 24 years old, I was having thoughts on how I’d never be a kid again, how I’d never be a teenager again and how I was almost thirty! Where did the time go? These thoughts caused me to feel really old. It may sound silly, but those thoughts drove me to discover who I was, what I wanted and to make it happen quickly.

We are led to believe that after decades of hard work and struggle, then we’ll experience happiness, wealth and fulfillment. I say, screw that. I want those things now, while I’m young, savvy, energetic and pretty awesome. (Not to say that I don’t plan on being all of those things when I’m fifty!)

Life is too damn short. I’ve saved 25 years of my life and you have the opportunity to do the same.

2. A Time for Exploration

We have followed the same structured path through elementary school, middle school, high school and even college. For many of us, we are so programmed to continue along the same path even after we graduate- striving to please authority figures and do the “right” thing. We miss opportunities everyday when we’re not questioning the rules that we live by.

These are the years to try new things and test new ground. Believe it or not…you are free. If you don’t feel free, it’s time to look at the shackles you’ve placed on yourself. What does your self-made prison look like?

The world is an incredible place and it’s yours to explore. We have options today that our parents and grandparents never had and would probably give their big toe for. Take advantage of them. Follow your curiosities, big and small. You owe it to yourself.

When there’s a will, there really is a way.

With each activity that brings you joy, you take a step closer toward your destiny. Look at your everyday life. What are you doing that lights you up? Which areas feel like an uphill battle ? Question, question, question. And question some more.

3. Finding Your Inner Awesome

The best version of yourself is ultimately the truest expression of who you really are. Do you know who you really are? If you’re struggling through a quarter life crisis, I’d bet my big toe that the answer is “no.”

The relationship you create with yourself will shape all aspects of your future…every step of the way. So you better be sure it’s a good one. Do you want to be carrying around your worst enemy or your best friend?

To find your inner awesome, it’s about learning to detach from your crappy stories, embrace your true self and to not hang your emotional life on the opinions of everybody else. These are the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

4. Minimal Responsibilities

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with getting married and having kids in your twenties…

BUT if you’re anything like me, it’s just not your thang.

The beauty of holding off on weddings and babies is that you get to be a bit selfish. Believe me, I do my share of helping others …but that’s not the point here. The point is that it’s a fantastic time to do what’s best for you, without the extra responsibilities.

If you want to move, you can move. If you want to travel, you can travel. If you want to sleep till noon, surf all afternoon and hit up a happy hour afterwards, you can do that.

Take advantage of your freedom. Learn to play an instrument. Sign up for a cooking class. Take up those salsa lessons. Volunteer.

Explore. Experiment. Discover.

5. Dream Bigger Than You Have Ever Dreamed Before

“If you can’t dream it, you can’t build it.” – Martha Beck

I fully co-sign on this statement.

This is the time to set the stage for your entire life. It’s the time to paint a clear picture of what your future will look like. It’s the time to plan out the steps you’ll take to make it happen. Otherwise, you’ll never go after what you want (because you won’t know exactly what that is). You’ll run into the very good chance of living life on auto-pilot- allowing your days to happen to you instead of being in conscious control of what you’re creating.

I wholeheartedly believe that each and every one of us are capable of creating anything we want in life, but you must know what that is.

You have the opportunity to map out your future…3 years, 5 years, 10 years and beyond. Take the time to create a vision. Then, get out there and make it happen.

…let the magic begin.

Cheers to Your Freedom.

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