This is Me Mad 😡😡

Hey my friend,

Can I vent for a second?

A few days ago while I was driving, I was filled with frustration!

Let me explain.

We– Millennials as a whole– crave purpose and meaning more than any other generation before us.

We pretty much coined the term “quarter-life crisis.”

However, as unhappy and unfulfilled as our generation seems to be in the workplace, there is an incredible lack of motivation to figure our sh** out.

I spoke to A LOT of people over the past few weeks– all of whom told me they were serious about making a change.

But when most of these people realized that effort, time and money were involved, they went running in the other direction.

Are we that lazy?


Where is the sense of urgency?

How can so many people in the world be OK settling in a job they don’t like and waste their days away?

I can’t wrap my head around it.

When I was knee deep in my quarter-life crisis, I had the “nothing is going to stop me mentality.”

Where are those people?

Those are my people!

This is probably my most aggressive video to date, but it had to be said. To watch, This is Me Mad, click the image below.


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