What To Do When You’re Working Hard Toward Something, But Nothing is Happening

March 18, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Growing up, I was one of those kids who would memorize information for a school test, word for word. (I was highly obsessed with index cards)!

I’d cram my brain until I felt like I hit a “wall.” It was the point where my head couldn’t take any more information and I just wasn’t getting any better, no matter what I did or how I hard I tried.

The best piece of advice at that inevitable point was: take a break.

And sure enough, when I’d return from this much-needed break, the answers would instantly come to me. It never failed.

Although this is a small example, I’ve learned that in every area of life, pressing the pause button is necessary to accomplish the very thing you set out to do.

The length of your “time-out” will depend on the situation. Studying for a test may require an hour break, while an entrepreneur building a business may need a month long mental vacation.

You may be thinking, “Take a break! That’s the advice?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is, but it’s not always easy. Most of us have the mindset that we must keep doing and doing until we get what we want. Not doing seems counterproductive. So while taking a break may sound simple enough, it’s difficult for many of us to just stop and trust.

Every seed that we plant needs space to grow. So, if we’re trying to force the outcome, we end up smothering this seed and preventing it from blossoming.

This is why we’ll often hear women say they got pregnant when they stopped trying or someone meets the love of their life when they stopped looking or a dream was finally realized just after he or she gave up on it.

It’s when we stop grasping at something that our goal comes to fruition. TWEET THAT

When we’ve set a clear intention and we’ve done our part (wrote the book, prepared the presentation, launched the product), our job is to then release our control and allow something higher than ourselves to manifest the desired result.

The most common feelings that come up for us when we are working hard at something, but nothing is happening are feelings of frustration, discouragement and desperation. These types of feelings keep the very thing we want from coming through.

When we find a reason to feel better by taking a break and focusing our attention on other things that bring us joy, it allows success to come through that “door.”

Think of an area of your life where you feel as though you’ve been working hard toward something, but nothing is happening. I challenge you to take a step back from it all- to create the necessary space for growth.

Then, do whatever feels great in the moment- take a bath, grab a coffee with a friend, organize your closet!

Learn to let go, relax, free your mind and trust that the very thing you want is on its way.

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