Why Your Frustration is So Important to Your Dreams

December 27, 2014 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I’ve never worked with a client who wasn’t overly frustrated about something. When we are at the wrong job or in the wrong relationship, we can ignore our feelings for quite some time, but eventually, we’ll hit our breaking point. But, this is a good thing because it’s the catalyst for change! (Hence, why my clients finally hire a coach). Something’s gotta give, right?

Frustration is the fuel to motivate us.

Feeling dissatisfied in an area of your life is the fuel you’ll use to make changes- changes that line up with your essential self. Take a look at all the bullshit you’ve dealt with and stayed in longer than necessary. Then, adopt the mindset, “I’m never going back there. I’m never making that mistake again! It’s time for bigger and better things.

When I was at my second corporate job, (secretly wishing I had the janitor’s job), I thought, “I never want to be in a job that I’m unhappy in again!” My disdain for my job charged me up so much that I was determined to find my passion.

My frustration led me on the quest of a lifetime. My memories of that frustration kept me going even when I faced obstacles.

Frustration shapes your calling.

Think about the topics that get you all fired up. There are millions of problems in this world that need to be addressed, but which problem are you passionate about- the one that consumes you until you’re determined to do something about it? This is a major clue as to where your calling lies.

Don’t ignore it. The world needs your help.

What are you going to do about your frustration? Complain, ignore it or start dreaming?

It’s very easy to complain when you hate your job. My boss is the worst, the work that I do sucks, I don’t make enough money, the company’s policies are unfair, that bitch stole my account.

We drown ourselves in a pool of self-pity and negativity. We complain, but do absolutely nothing about it. We wait around for an opportunity to present itself or someone else to fix our endless problems for us.

It’s also very easy to run from it. Most of us use up tons of energy trying to run from an assortment of emotions- sadness, anger, discontent, etc. Why not add frustration to the list? Hello anxiety.

Instead, choose to use your frustration to dream.

You’re pissed about the amount of sexual harassment in the workplace that goes unnoticed or angry at the amount of guidance counselors whose only concern is to get as many kids into college instead of helping each unique student discover their own path.

Dream about the change you can make. Use your frustration to move you forward. This is how you’ll make history.

Once you have the “right” dream, you’ll be on your way to making it happen. And I can promise you, you’ll never look back!

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