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I’m Shaina Leis

I’m a life coach, educator and 90’s music fan living in Los Angeles. Most days, you can find me on my laptop in sweats and a messy bun!

Here’s the deal: I quit the corporate grind–in lots of debt– to find and build my dream career. BEST DECISION EVER! And now, I teach others how to break free from the wrong path, find their own passion (and gain the confidence and self-discipline to pursue it).

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You are the BEST life coach on the internet! Thank you for helping us.

 Magalie B. 

I just discovered your channel and I LOVE it! Looking forward to more of your videos.

 Dani W. 

Always look forward to seeing your videos!

 Elayna L. 

You deserve a million subscribers! I love your videos so much.

 Ella R. 

You are so amazing! I am so happy I found your channel.

 Kashae S. 

You are really an inspiration!! Every time I watch your videos, they motivate me hard. Keep inspiring. Thanks.

 Apoorva S. 

I LOVE your videos...they are the best. Thanks to you, my life changed for good. I’m really grateful for all your work!

 Gaelle D. 

This is the most mature and practical advice I’ve ever heard. I hope other teenagers have the chance to watch this!


Your videos have helped me more than all the "help" I've received over the last decade!

 Theo B. 

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In my video course, I teach you how to discover your dream career and finally get paid to do work you love.

My proven step-by-step system guides you in finding your sweet spot– the place where your greatest passion meets your greatest strength. Easy to follow, yet truly life-changing, you will finish this program with clearly defined goals that excite and inspire you. It doesn’t get much better than this my friend!

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I’m Shaina Leis– life coach, educator & podcaster. I’ve trained and earned a certification with Dr. Martha Beck– Master Life Coach and columnist for O! Magazine. I’ve also studied and received a second certification at Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School.
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