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As a Certified Life Coach, Educator and former member of the “Quarter Life Crisis Club,” this is not only my passion, but



How to Deal with Betrayal

Have you ever been cheated on? Lied too? Have you ever confided in a friend who broke your trust? Betrayal. It’s a heavy topic (and painful). After all, there’s a reason we use the metaphor, “stabbed in the back!” But all the more reason why it’s so important to know how to get through such an experience. With that being said… To WATCH, “How to Deal with Betrayal,” click the image below: xo, Shaina

How to Be Happy Single (And Alone)

Did you know that I was in a long-distance relationship for 5 years? YES, you heard me correctly…5 friggin years. In a sense, it was like I was single (or at least alone) for a very long time. I didn’t reap the many benefits of being in a relationship. But surprisingly, I was VERY happy being by myself. Which is why it’s hard for me to understand some peoples’ desperation to find a relationship and avoid single status at all...

How I Saved $28,000 in 10 Months!

When it comes to leaving a crappy job to pursue a dream, here are some of the most common complaints and excuses I hear: I can’t just quit my job. I have to pay the bills. I have no money. I don’t have the time. People convince themselves that the transition from a job they hate to a dream career isn’t possible before they ever even try. But, I’m telling you that it is possible. It just takes sacrifice and...
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