hey you!

I'm Shaina Leis.

Life Coach, Educator, Interior Design Enthusiast and hardcore homebody living in sunny Los Angeles. 

I quit the corporate grind–in lots of student debt– to find and build my dream career and life. And now I help others break the cookie-cutter mold and carve their own, unique path that feels good + true to them.

I'm a mindset expert, personal development Obsessed coach, huge T-Swift fan and I always have a candle burning at home. I drink Rosé because it doesn't stain my teeth. My favorite thing to do in the city? JOY rides at dusk, windows down– with that perfect song... feeling on top of the f***ing world.

I want to help you re-discover the nooks and crannies that make you YOU! I am committed to helping you gain the clarity you crave, drop the mind drama, get your swag back and just allow good sh** to happen in your life + your career.

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learn. laugh. get inspired.