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Turn Your City Apartment Into a Happy Home

  • Beautiful 60-page PDF, packed with tips + inspiration on every page
  • Learn how to make quick + powerful decisions in your home and life
  • Step-by-step guide to de-clutter your home + shed your mental baggage at the same time
  • How to sell anything and everything online, from your $200 media console to your $15 curtain rods!
  • The BIG life lessons all around YOUR home that you’re not aware of.
  • Turn your living space into looking and feeling like a million bucks without breaking the bank! Where to splurge, when to pinch your pennies and how to get FREE upgrades
  • The #1 MISTAKE to AVOID when decorating your living space. This ONE TIP will save you SO much time, energy, money and stress.
  • Manifest your (next) future dream home!
  • And much, much more.

Aloha! I’m Shaina. I make a living as a Life Coach, but when I’m not coaching my clients, I’m tackling my next design project. I am Obsessed with personal development + interiors and the correlation between our living spaces and our brains.

I’ve lived in big cities for over ten years now and I’ve mastered the art of creating a beautiful home (without fearing ROI as a renter) all while maintaining an abundant mindset and building a successful business I’m super passionate about.

So it is my inspired obligation and honor to create this digital gem for you. Make yourself at home and get ready to invigorate your space + your soul!

No matter what season of life you’re currently in, happy starts at home.

I don’t have a city apartment — is this book still valuable for me?

There are a couple of things that speak directly to city-living and renters, but 98% is applicable to any living space!

Your life is your design. so go ahead, design it.

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Imagine how much your life would improve if you loved every inch of your living space.

You’ll feel thankful to wake up in your space. You’ll look forward to coming home. You’ll feel the warmth and coziness of your place at night. It will serve as your sanctuary as you work toward your bigger dreams + goals. Plus, you’ll be proud of where you live!

60+ pages that will EMPOWER YOU at home and in life!

Grab your copy now for only $12

I know that you’ll love this digital gem, but if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll issue a refund— no questions asked. And we’ll still be friends.


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