How to Feel Fine About Your Debt

Hi, I'm Shaina

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I graduated college with $80,000 in student loan debt.

And the best part? I never used my degree ?

Astonishing, I know.

At first, I felt TERRIBLE about my debt.

I had thoughts like: What a waste of money! I hate my debt. I wish I didn’t have to pay this. This is unfair. It’ll take me forever to pay it off.

But when I chose to THINK this way about my debt, it caused me to “lack” my way through those first few post-grad years– working jobs I hated to pay it off, hating the present moment and desperate for a debt-free existence. 

Living life from this place of resistance and lack HURTS big time!

And when we’re hurting–in an attempt to feel better– we do things like overspend, overdrink, overeat, and we’re definitely not energized or inspired to add BIG value to the world, thus keeping us in debt!!

It’s an exhausting, painful cycle.

So one day, I made a choice. I REFUSED to let my debt deter me any longer from feeling 100% free in the moment.

I was committed to not letting my debt weigh me down. And with that commitment and choosing to see my debt in a different light, I reclaimed my energy and inspiration to create my dream life.

This is really important my friend…

You must FEEL free, abundant (or whatever emotion you think money represents) FIRST, in order to create more of it.

And no, this is not just some law of attraction woo woo shit. It’s the TRUTH!

You cannot lack your way to abundance. 

Think about the decisions you’ve made when you FEEL deprived. I GUARANTEE they haven’t created the result you want.

You must feel 100% sufficient in your life right now. Because by doing so, you THEN make better decisions for your future that ultimately result in that debt-free life.

So if you’re in debt of any kind– student loan, credit card, mortgage or IOU’s to friends– this video is for you!

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