Is it OK to put your dreams on hold?

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Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, Educator and 90’s music fan living in sunny Los Angeles. When I’m not coaching my clients, you’ll most likely find me tackling my next home decor project or watching Bravo!

So when I was sifting through my emails for possible video ideas, one viewers’ question stuck out to me like a sore thumb…

“Is it OK to put your dreams on hold?” she asked.

My initial thought was NO! Of course not!!

Then, I calmed myself down.

Next, I gave the question the attention it deserved and rapidly jotted down my thoughts on a flight cross country where my boyfriend would meet my family for the first time (big step in the relationship).

I digress.

My answer to this question might surprise you. Or maybe it won’t. But you won’t know until you watch 😉

To WATCH, “Is It OK to Put Your Dreams on Hold?” click the image below: