Is Social Media Bad?

Recently, a 10-year-old asked me why I only had 33 likes on my Instagram photo?

My first thought was: kid, I will throw you out of this car!

Which, of course I would never ever do. That was just my deflated ego talking ; )

My second thought was: ahhhhhh, this misguided generation today.

…that’s an entirely different video in itself. (stay tuned!)

But even as adults, many of us have fallen prey to the social media “sickness” happening today. Ya know the one where we wonder how many likes our Selfie will receive? Or how interesting our status will be to everyone else?

Social media has a lot of perks. But if we aren’t using it consciously, we can easily allow it to define our self worth and value in the world and that of others.

That is exactly what that 10-year-old was doing. She wasn’t just asking me why I only had 33 likes. She was really asking me, why I wasn’t more popular? Or more important? Or well-liked?

As adults, we can do our part in helping these kids, by tucking our phones away more often or helping them understand the negative effects social media can have if used in an unconscious, ego-driven way.

CLICK BELOW for this week’s VIDEO: Social Media Sickness!

p.s. I was inspired to do this video after seeing Essena O’Neill’s video on quitting social media entirely (as I mention in the video). If you want to check that out, click here: ESSENA O’NEILL!

She received a lot of back lash, but I think she made some fantastic points. What do you think?


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