Is Social Media Bad?

December 9, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Recently, a 10-year-old asked me why I only had 33 likes on my Instagram photo?

My first thought was: kid, I will throw you out of this car!

Which, of course I would never ever do. That was just my deflated ego talking ; )

My second thought was: ahhhhhh, this misguided generation today.

…that’s an entirely different video in itself. (stay tuned!)

But even as adults, many of us have fallen prey to the social media “sickness” happening today. Ya know the one where we wonder how many likes our Selfie will receive? Or how interesting our status will be to everyone else?

Social media has a lot of perks. But if we aren’t using it consciously, we can easily allow it to define our self worth and value in the world and that of others.

That is exactly what that 10-year-old was doing. She wasn’t just asking me why I only had 33 likes. She was really asking me, why I wasn’t more popular? Or more important? Or well-liked?

As adults, we can do our part in helping these kids, by tucking our phones away more often or helping them understand the negative effects social media can have if used in an unconscious, ego-driven way.

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p.s. I was inspired to do this video after seeing Essena O’Neill’s video on quitting social media entirely (as I mention in the video). If you want to check that out, click here: ESSENA O’NEILL!

She received a lot of back lash, but I think she made some fantastic points. What do you think?

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What’s up guys? I feel like today’s video is a total PSA, but that’s OK.

I was inspired to talk about social media and the harmful effects it may be doing to you and living your best life (both now and in the future) after seeing Essena Oneil’s video. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll put it in the description box below.

You may be thinking, but Shaina you use social media. Yes and you are very observant.

Social media has its perks, right?
To raise awareness and market products that people can benefit from, absolutely! To share real life milestones + photos with family and friends, sure! To reconnect with Annie from the 2nd grade, well that’s pretty cool too.

So yes, it has its benefits IF you’re using it in the “right” way- or better put, if you’re using it in a conscious way.

I’ve 100% found myself guilty of some of the points I’m about to share, but because I practice living consciously, I’m able to recognize rather quickly when I’m using Facebook or Instagram in an ego-driven way.

There’s a widespread social media “sickness” happening today and I wanted to share, what I think, are the 5 major symptoms to help you recognize it in yourself, today and in the future.


1.) You’re obsessed with the number of likes you receive (followers, comments, views, etc.)

Do you spend more time (than you’d like to even admit) on coming up with the perfect status, choosing a filter or taking that perfect selfie?

Many of us now define our worth and value on how many likes we receive. (Footage)

I’m not kidding, I’ve heard a mom congratulate (celebrate) her 10 year old on getting 100 likes on an instagram photo.

What are we teaching these kids? That the more likes you get, the more loved and accepted you are in the world. If somebody has more followers than you, does that mean they’re cooler than you? More important? NO

If you’re relying on clicks to prove your self worth, it is time to wake up!

2.) You spend more time showcasing your life on social media, versus actually living it.

We just want so badly for everybody else to know that we had front row at that concert or that “hey guys, look at me, I rode a horse in Fiji.” But are you really at the concert, are you really riding the horse, if you’re posting it to snap chat in that moment? Instead of trying to prove that your life is so cool and so amazingl, how about actually living a cool and an amazing life? Crazy notion isn’t it?

3.) You find yourself feeling sad or depressed after seeing that somebody on social media has “more” than you.

We can’t all be Kendall Jenner. If you have this social media sickness I’m referring to, this point alone can send you in a downward spiral. Why? Because you’re SO accustomed to gaining that outside approval, when you see someone else that has a bigger presence online, you instantly don’t feel that important anymore. Which then throws you back into the cycle of wanting more. The ego is never satisfied! Are you allowing your happiness to be defined by numbers?

4.) You’re distracted by social media.

We all have that friend…

Online interaction is not real, human connection.

In fact, all of these moments that you’re staring at your phone or posting something, those moments add up.

If you’re too busy organizing your life on social networks, you’re missing out on the real thing.

5.) You have a false sense of identity.

This is what scares me the most about the younger generation. They’re A.) Not taught how to discover their authentic, deeper selves and B.) They’re so obsessed with their phones. Not a good combination.

If you spend your time trying so hard to portray an inflated (artificial) version of yourself and less time exploring your truth- your likes, your curiosities, nature, the real world…it’s going to be impossible for you to experience real, genuine happiness and fulfillment.

So if any of these points rang true for you, see it as a wake up call to start using social media in a smarter, more conscious way.

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