Making Time for Anything & Everything

What would you do if you had 10 EXTRA hours in a day? Or what about 5 extra hours? How would your life be different then?

When I think about it, I think…

Man, I would be SO physically fit and in shape!

My mind (instantly) goes to that place.

Why? Because working out is where I “cop out” the most. It’s where I use time (or the lack of it) to justify why I’m not exercising.

So question for you…

What’s YOUR cop out? What area in your life are you guilty of the universal phrase:

I don’t have the time!

We ALL say this. We all think that if we just had a little bit more time, THEN we could go to the gym, write that book or de-clutter the basement.

Today, I shine a light on this universal “cop out” and how to overcome it.

To WATCH, Making TIME for Anything + Everything, click the image below:


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