When You Resist the Present Moment, You Suffer

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I’m a Clarity Coach, mindset expert and interior design enthusiast living in sunny Los Angeles. I help people get unstuck and create a lifestyle they’re proud of.

When you resist the present moment, you suffer.

I just need _______________ and then I can feel good.

I just gotta do _________________ then I can relax.

I just gotta get to __________________ then I’ll be problem-free.


This is the GAP that the human brain loves to live in.

Convincing us every day that we NEED something (that we don’t yet have) to finally experience the present moment in the way we desire.

It SELLS us on the “idea” that if and when we get *somewhere else* that we’ll be better off.

It likes to deem the present moment as not good enough.

Which keeps us constantly regretting the past or worrying about the future. 

But what I want to help you understand *|IF:FNAME|* *|FNAME|*, *|ELSE:|* Friend, *|END:IF|*, is that this GAP in our thinking never actually disappears. 

In other words.

Even when you get “over there” or the *thing* that you want so badly, you’re immediately presented with a new set of “problems” before feeling good again.


Some of us (a lot of us) don’t believe this.

We really, really believe that if we had a million dollars or the passionate career, we’d feel so much better and we’d be GOOD ??‍♀️

I get it. 

I used to think this too.

Until I experienced getting the exact thing I wanted and not feeling any different at the “finish line.” My fear + doubt was right there waiting for me.

Ok well what about this other thing? I’m scared I’ll lose it. How do I keep this going?

and the cycle continues.

You may have to learn the hard way like me ?

Or maybe you already have?


Really understanding this concept…

1.) NO external result or future moment can make you feel any better
2.) Real JOY can only ever be felt in the present moment
3.) If you don’t feel SAFE today, you won’t feel safe “over there”

…can change your quality of life.

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