The Hard Truths About Following Your Dreams

February 10, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Recently, a friend of mine let me in on some exciting future plans- a mutual decision between her and her husband to change career paths and do something they each love.

And she said that I was to thank for it- that my videos were the inspiration behind their decision.

My initial thought was, “Me? Really? No way!”

My second thought was, “Yay, I’m so happy for them.”

My third thought was, “I must caution them (and everyone for that matter) about the road ahead!

As you probably know by now, I could talk for days about how rewarding and fulfilling it is to discover your dream and go after it, but I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t share the other side of following a dream…the “dark” side.

It’s not an easy road by any means and requires the “persistence of a pit bull and the resilience of Flubber,” as Martha Beck puts it.

This video is not meant to scare you away from pursuing your dreams, but rather PREPARE you for the terrain ahead.

Because if you aren’t prepared, you’re more apt to giving up than to keep going.

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Welcome back my friends! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Shaina.

Today, I’m talking about the dark side of chasing a dream. Because the journey from where you are to where you want to go is not always roses and rainbows, otherwise everyone would take the road less traveled, am I right?

It’s a very bumpy road and basically, I don’t want to see you beaten and bruised from it. Let’s get to it.


Ok, so this video is not meant to scare you away from going after what you want. That is of course the complete opposite of what I’m all about and what I stand for. It’s meant to PREPARE you for the terrain ahead, if you choose to accept your true life’s mission. Which I vote yes. Shaina for president. (effects)

I know that when I’m going through something that’s not so great, and I KNOW that it’s normal, and part of process, it’s so helpful. It’s like “Alright, this sucks, but it’s supposed to happen!” Provides a sense of peace.

With the points I’m about to make, it’s not like, Oh, this happens sometimes or only a few people experience that, NO! Everyone on the road to success faces the same challenges. They are Universal obstacles- across the board. There’s no escaping them. So get comfortable with them.

The first hard truth…

Your initial inspiration is short lived. When we take that first step to get our dream going it’s because we’re overwhelmed with this huge burst of inspiration (which is great), but that inspiration doesn’t last long. When you’re in it and your plan is not exactly working the first, second or 20th time, you must continuously re-inspire yourself so that you’re motivated to keep going. Otherwise you will be tempted to give up. Which bring me to my next point…

You’re going to fail over and over again. This is just a part of the territory. If you don’t believe me read up on any successful person’s journey. It’s all the same, it’s the hero’s saga. So you must have the tenacity of a pit bull to keep going despite all your failures. What has helped me, is remembering that which failure, I get one step closer to success.

And the most frustrating part of failing is failing at something that was a success for someone else. Just because something worked for someone else does not mean it’ll work for you. You must find your unique path to achieve your goals and I found that to be the hardest part. Just because someone got results doing something a certain way does not guarantee you results.

You’re going to make mistakes. You’ll most likely spend money in places you shouldn’t. You’ll invest time and energy into projects that aren’t in alignment with your unique path. But you find the lesson, learn from it and keep going…

Your going to have ups and downs. Sometimes you feel like you’re on cloud nine and other times you feel like complete crap. At one point, I thought I was medically imbalanced, but I’m not.

Being your own boss has its cons. I am pretty good at self-motivation so this point doesn’t speak as loudly to me. But I know people who this is a big struggle for. If you usually enjoy the comfort of having a boss, having your tasks laid out and being held accountable, being your own boss is going to be a challenge for you. I’d highly recommend finding a mentor or hiring a coach to help guide you.

It can get lonely. I opened up about this on my last video, which was actually the inspiration behind this one. I was basically saying that by nature, I’m an introvert and very comfortable being myself, but even I (especially recently) have felt pretty isolated and less connected to the outside world. It can get lonely when you, and only you can see the vision that your so eagerly working toward. It can get lonely when everyone else you know is in the normal workplace, while you’re working in more of an unconventional way. And loneliness stems from my next point, which is…

There are a lot of sacrifices to be made. Even though you’re doing what you love and it’s fun, there is work to be done and A LOT of it. And that my friends comes with a price. You get used to denying happy hour invitations because you need to stay in to write. And you sacrifice the little luxuries of life- like shopping, getting your nails done, going out to eat all the time…because you just don’t have the money to do it.

Being broke is the new normal. Just when you thought your college years were the last for pinching pennies. Think again.

There are a lot of reasons why money may be tight. You’re either only working part time or not at all to get your dream up and running. You don’t have a steady paycheck. You’re investing in courses to advance your skill base. Or all of the above.

You must be willing to live your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. #TRUTH

You’re going to doubt yourself. And there are times when you panic. You think, “ This isn’t working.” That voice will do everything in its power to shut you down, but just know that the one thing stronger than self-doubt is the belief in yourself. Never stop believing in yourself. Because that will triumph your fear and it’s what will push you forward everyday even when you feel like giving up.

That’s all for today guys. Thanks so much for watching. If you like what you see, give this video a thumbs up and remember to subscribe. Have a great week, see you next time.


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