10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job

February 24, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

The content for this week’s video was actually inspired by a blog post I had written almost a year ago titled, “10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job.

When I sat down to write this, I (of course) wanted to help people identify if they themselves were at a job that was all wrong for them, but a bigger part of me was targeting the people who knew they were at the wrong job.

My goal was to simply REMIND them of this fact because most of us are well-aware, or at least at a subconscious level, that we’re not living our passion, but we decide to settle, get comfortable and convince ourselves that this is where our lives led us…and that’s it folks!

But, I’m here to remind you that that’s not it.

This week, all I ask of you is to look at the following signs and see if any (or all) relate to your current situation. If so, see this as a wake up call and answer it. Don’t just ignore it.

To watch this week’s video, “10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job,” click the image below!

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Welcome back my friends. If this is your first time here, well where the heck have you been? I’m Shaina, it’s nice to meet you.

Today, I’m giving you the top 10 signs you’re at the wrong job, according to me.

This was actually a blog post that I had written months and months ago. I recently came across it and thought, “Wow, this was a great post” which is why I decided to translate it into a video. Talk about recycling.


Here’s a trivia question for you: what is worse than waking up and going to a job that you absolutely hate?

Well? Huh? C’mom!

The answer is nothing.

Most people think it’s just the way it is. It’s normal to hate your job. Well folks, you’ll remain exactly where you are for as long as you believe that.

It is absolutely possible to wake up everyday and do what you love. You should never tolerate the following feelings nor should you ever ignore the following red flags being thrown your way.

Without further ado, here’s the list of “10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job.”

1. You secretly wish you had the janitor’s job. I’m not kidding, I did this. There was this little woman who would be in our office (of a job I had) who cleaned the windows (a window washer) and I thought, “I’d much rather being doing her job.” And she probably gets paid more than do I. You contemplate it, but then your college degree hangs over your head and your dream of mopping floors vanishes.

2. You’ve developed a pretty severe case of the Monday blues. Sunday night feels like a death sentence. You begin to feel all sorts of stress, anxiety, sadness and maybe even depression. Going into work Monday morning feels as though you’ve entered a prison, leaving your freedom at the door. You wish away the week to get to Friday so that you can actually do more of the things you love to do.

3. Your lunch break is not about eating lunch. It’s about breaking free for an hour. You have just enough time to make happy hour plans (to drink the day away), step outside to breathe, and search for any new job openings.

4. You are overly sensitive and highly emotional in the workplace. When your boss calls you into his or her office, you feel yourself on the verge of crying. When you’re called out for making a mistake or not going the extra mile, you want to lash out, “I don’t care. I don’t care about this job anyway!” You hold in all of your emotions until your emotions flood to the surface and you breakdown, in your car, your bedroom or the grocery store.

5. You can’t quite understand how anybody would enjoy the type of work you do. You observe a few of your fellow employees who look like they genuinely enjoy this work. It confuses you. “How can that be?” You wonder. They actually like selling this ridiculous product? They don’t mind wearing a suit everyday? They’re OK with doing meaningless work? You just don’t get it.

6. You feel uninspired and unfulfilled. Something is missing. You feel it in your bones that something is not right. You’ve lost a part of yourself and what it is that you really want. You’ve pushed your happiness to the side for a measly paycheck. You know that there’s something greater out there for you, even though you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is right now.

7. When people ask you “Oh, hey how’s work going? Or “Hey yo, how was your day at work?” You respond “eh, good” and quickly move on. You’d rather chew off your own arm than to talk about your job for one second of your free time. Unless of course you have the opportunity to completely bash everything about it.

8. You have little to no desire to learn new things or improve your performance. The level of care for your job is low, really low.

When I was in a job that was all wrong for me, we used to have a meeting first thing every Monday morning. At the end of this dreaded meeting, we’d have to go around in a circle and say what our “WIN” of the week was. (real fun, thumbs up). And every single week, I’d get extremely uncomfortable because the progress I was making was equivalent to that of a snail’s pace.

But, is anyone really motivated to challenge themselves and achieve more when they’re not passionate about what they’re doing?

9. You wonder what would happen if you just quit tomorrow. And joined the peace corps or moved to Hawaii or went soul-searching or started a non profit or washed windows? Of did pretty much anything else than what you’re currently doing.

Your mind constantly wanders to what the world is like on the other side of the walls.

Alternate options come racing in, but you get scared you’d be making the wrong decision and end up right back where you are. You remain paralyzed.

10. You feel stuck and trapped. You attempt to think your way out of your situation, but it seems impossible. So you decide to try and tolerate it because as far as you can see there’s no way out.

If any of the above signs sound or feel familiar to you, it’s time to reevaluate your job situation. Your Monday can feel just as fantastic as your Saturday. You should and can wake up feeling liberated everyday. This lifestyle is available to you, but you must decide to discover it once and for all.

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