10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job

The content for this week’s video was actually inspired by a blog post I had written almost a year ago titled, “10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job.

When I sat down to write this, I (of course) wanted to help people identify if they themselves were at a job that was all wrong for them, but a bigger part of me was targeting the people who knew they were at the wrong job.

My goal was to simply REMIND them of this fact because most of us are well-aware, or at least at a subconscious level, that we’re not living our passion, but we decide to settle, get comfortable and convince ourselves that this is where our lives led us…and that’s it folks!

But, I’m here to remind you that that’s not it.

This week, all I ask of you is to look at the following signs and see if any (or all) relate to your current situation. If so, see this as a wake up call and answer it. Don’t just ignore it.

To watch this week’s video, “10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job,” click the image below!


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