What To Do When You Hate Your Job

After last week’s video, “10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job,” I anticipated the next question on peoples’ minds would be, “Now what? I can’t just quit my job!”

And I get it. If it were that easy, people would be dropping like flies.

I also get how frustrating it is to feel stuck- wanting to break free, but not seeing a way out based on your current circumstances.

It’s like you have 2 generals in your mind…one is saying, “Fire, fire (quit, quit),” and the other one is saying, “Whoa, whoa, hold your fire.” This triggers confusion and confusion causes you to remain stagnant.

What we need to do is to get those two “generals” working together, which is what I’m going to help you sort through today.

To watch, “What To Do When You Hate Your Job!” click the image below.


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