Stop Making Excuses!

What I found early on in coaching is that people are ready and willing to give me 107 reasons why that can’t do something. My job as a coach is to help them realize the 108 reasons why they can.

It’s much easier to convince ourselves that something isn’t possible than why it is. Why? Because then we don’t have to do a damn thing about it.

Coming to the realization that something is possible is scary because that means we can’t hide from it anymore.

I don’t like excuses. It keeps you stuck and in victim mode.

I like solutions. It keeps you moving and in empowerment mode.

P.S. I know an “excuse maker” when I see one. It’s the person who continuously says, “BUT!” after a solution is presented to their obstacle.

Are you one those people? A person with one, huge, gigantic BUTT? Excuse me, I mean “BUT.”

If so, I conjured up what I think are the most popular excuses when it comes to going after what you want.

And I’m ready to SHUT each one down : )

To watch, “Stop Making Excuses!” click the image below…


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