5 Quick Life Hacks for Happier Days ✹

March 30, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

No matter what we’re searching for in life, trying to accomplish or chase, it all comes down to one goal and one goal only…

…to feel happy.

Whether we believe that money will create that happiness, deeper relationships, or those designer shoes…we just want to feel happy.

Now of course money and “things” can’t buy happiness. That’s an inside job. So today, I wanted to give you 5 quick ways to create that feeling of happiness in your everyday- no matter the day.

Because when we feel happy, we’re more productive, we create meaningful relationships and ultimately attract more of what we want.

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Today, I’m talking about 5 Quick Life Hacks for Happier Days..because at the end of the day, all we really want is to feel good and to feel happy.

And for this video, I collabed with Meg from the YouTube channel Mermaid’s Reel…she’s so great and I’m so happy to have met her through this community…so I will put her channel link in the description box below so make sure you watch her version and subscribe to her channel and then we can all be friends.


1.) Set the stage early for the rest of your day.

It’s going to be a lot easier for you to feel happy throughout the entire day when you start out with the right mindset.

What are you doing every morning that’s getting you amped for the day? Lately, for me it’s been visualizing what I want as if it’s already come true combined with music. A powerful song- that gets me from 0-100 in the matter of seconds, seconds – real quick (Drake?). Maybe for you it’s reading an inspiring quote, watching a funny video, going for a run, meditation, whatever. Just choose something that works for you.

And just as important as it is to add something positive into your morning routine, it’s equally as crucial to remove the crap that’s weighing you down.

I don’t watch the news- tragedies and hate in the world leave me feeling sick to my stomach for days (I’m not exaggerating) and I do not follow politics (I think it brings out the absolute worse in people and I want no part of that collective energy.) Maybe for you, you don’t check your loaded email as soon as you get out of bed.

Add something that empowers you. Remove something that weighs you down

2. Believe there’s good in the world. When we believe something, our brains literally scan and pickup on information that proves our beliefs right. So when we believe there’s good in the world, we witness and experience more of it! Like attracts like..

3. Make your days happen. When we just go through the motions of the day, we allow our days to happen to us. Instead, be intentional. Decide this is how I’m going to feel today and this is what I’m going to accomplish. Be in control.

4. Why are you so damn lucky right now?

As I walked to my doctor’s appointment the other day, I started thinking…wow, I’m walking in the streets of the city I once dreamt of living in, I have so much freedom, and I’m doing what I love. Reminding myself of all the reasons I’m so lucky and why I love being ME, this was an instant uplifter. So next time you need a boost, ask yourself: why am I so damn lucky? It’s a simple question, with a powerful response.

5. Switch up your normal routine. When we do the same thing over and over again on a daily basis, it becomes dull- causing us to retreat into our thinking instead of being in the here and now. Think about when you go on vacation- one of the reasons people feel so excited and relaxed on vacation is because it’s a switch from their normal everyday and everything feels so new and fresh.

So on an average week, try a new coffee shop, take a different route to work, meet an old friend for lunch,…this way you’re forced into the present moment, with open eyes and less chatter in your head.

That’s it for today guys. I would love to hear what you do to keep your happiness level up everyday…so please share in the comment box below. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I will see you next week! Bye!


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