I Love Me (Self-Love SPOOF)

March 23, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Self-love one of the most powerful and life-changing practices you can exercise. Which is why I had every intention in creating a video that helps you do just that.

However as I sat down to put my tips into video form, my quirky, creative side kept whispering…

This would be a great spoof video!

And when inspiration strikes my friends, you answer it. So what was meant to be an informative video turned into yet another comedic short.


But in my defense, I do believe that laughter can be just as beneficial as good ole knowledge sometimes. With that being said, I hope you gain a good laugh (or at least crack a smile) in this week’s video, “I Love Me! (Self-Love SPOOF).

To watch, CLICK the image below.

with gratitude and much love,



Hey guys. So practicing self-love is one of the most important things you can do to live a happy, successful life. And today, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.


When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you want to do is run over to the mirror and just look at yourself. Stare at yourself for at least 45 minutes.

Once your done gazing into your own eyes, you can start your morning routine, but you must tell yourself how amazing you are while doing it.

I am beautiful. I am awesome. I am amazing. I am amazing. Amazing. Amazing (In a trance)

Until you’ve completely brainwashed yourself.

Then you’ll want to browse through pictures of yourself and choose the ones you want to print out!

You want to make sure that each photograph showcases all your different, but wonderful assets.

Fun Loving
Animal Friendly
Whoa, I look good this one. 2 copies please.

It’s OK to use photos that include other people, but you must crop or cut them out.

Self love is just that, loving yourself and only yourself.

Once you have your collection, you then display them all around your home. That way you’ll always be reminded of how much you have to offer the world.

Next, you want to pamper yourself for being a truly remarkable human being. (me staring at one of my photos on the floor with my feet up, and then I jump up)

(ding dong)
Who could that be?

(me receiving flowers at the door, waving goodbye) You send yourself flowers with a really nice note card attached to it. Me reading the card!


Thank you for being you. You’re such an inspiration.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo times a million!

(me feeling so honored)

Sidenote: it’s challenging to find items that say “I Love Me,” so this is when you must get creative.

Once your done bathing yourself in love, within the walls of your own home, it’s time to step out into the world.

But you must use caution here. Because you love yourself so much, people are quick to pick up on your energy and are gonna love you too.

Being so loved can get exhausting.
Which is why it’s important to use a disguise. It’ll ward off all the love that you just can’t handle.

That’s it guys. If you guys found these steps helpful (or humorous) don’t forget to hit the thumbs up below this video and remember to subscribe.

See ya next week. Bye.


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