Forgive & Forget!

You may not know this…but I was involved in a physically abusive relationship in my early twenties.

It’s something I rarely talk about it.

Not because I haven’t healed from it, but because it holds no purpose for me.

And I know that might sound strange…especially being a life coach.

You might even assume it would be my signature “hell and back story” that could help millions of other women escape their own abusive relationships.

But, I never felt like that was my calling.

That’s not to say that I don’t care about these women or that I’m insensitive to the topic…far from it.

It’s just that I don’t feel empowered by wallowing in my past so I’m certainly not capable of empowering other women by doing so either.

MY ATTITUDE in life looks more like:

Forgive and Forget
Get over it and on with it
Walk it off
Less talk, more action

That’s just how I roll.

So when a viewer asked me how she could move on with her life after an abusive past…I knew I had to answer the call this time.

To WATCH,Forgive and Forget! How to Start Over After an Abusive Past (or ANY Trauma)! click the image below:



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