Why we struggle to do things that are GOOD for us!

Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Clarity Coach, mindset expert and interior design enthusiast living in sunny Los Angeles. I help people get unstuck and create a lifestyle they’re proud of.

Let’s play a game…

What do all these things have in common?

Eating a healthy diet.
Setting and achieving goals.
Trying new things.
Saving money.

Ding, ding, ding.

It’s a bunch of things that are GOOD for us- mind, body and soul.

Next question…

Why do we have such a hard time doing more of these things, even when we KNOW (based on studies and our own common sense) that these things will create a longer, happier and more fulfilling life?

Alright, alright…I’ll tell ya.

To WATCH, Why We Struggle To Do Things That Are Good for Us!click the image below:


My guilty pleasure is Bravo!
Real Housewives, Southern Charm, Vanderpump, Million Dollar Listing...I watch it all.
I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic.
I still watch reruns of Dawson's Creek on the regular
I know the lyrics to almost every 90's song.
Nathan says it's my hidden talent
My happy place?
Summer days. I love the beach, being tan, cookouts and country music!
Monica Gellar is my alter ego.
Cleaning and organizing are my therapy
I always have a candle burning at home.
I have a cabinet full of them.
My favorite movie?
Father of the Bride.
If I weren't a life coach...
I'd probably be an interior designer or do something in TV/ film production. Any chance I get to visit sets, I'm all over it!

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