How To Be A Morning Person

For me, waking up early means setting my alarm for 5:45am. However, I don’t always wake up at this time. Sometimes I hit that snooze button more times than I can count.

But, when I do manage to get out of bed, it’s wonderful. Living in the big city can be over stimulating at times, but when I’m up that early, it’s like the whole city is asleep except for me. That sense of calm and peace is worth the early rise in itself.

But, what I love most, is getting an early start to my day, while feeling refreshed, and being productive. And it’s the time of day where my creative juices are flowing.

(I don’t think I’ve ever regretted starting my day before 6am!!!)

My best days are the days I’m up early.

I’m not a pro at the whole rise and shine thing, but I definitely know what works for me when staying in bed seems too tempting. I’ve had other people ask me, how they too can become a “morning person.” So I thought I’d share my TIPS…

Click the IMAGE below for this week’s VIDEO: How to Be A Morning Person!


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