How to Get Motivated When You’re Stuck In A Rut

November 4, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

We’ve all been there!

In a low. In a funk. In a rut…

…where we lose our excitement to do the things we want to do and our purpose gets lost among the day to day demands of life.

Recently. I was in this mind space- all up in my head and overall, not feeling myself.

It’s not a fun place to be in. And if you don’t know how to SNAP OUT of it, chances are you’ll quickly spiral downward, until you have no desire to leave the house at all.

Learn how to get “unfunked” with this week’s video: “How to Get Motivated When You’re Stuck In A Rut.” (BELOW)

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Hey guys, so last week, Shaina was in a really bad mood. Let me just tell you.

(background) hey, give that to me.

Hey guys! So last week (well it’ll be two weeks ago when you’re watching this), I was kind of in a weird place…just feeling pretty blah. There was a lot of crappy thinking going on, I had a Britney Spears moment, circa 2007, at an appointment that I was at (yea, not my finest moment). In general, I just wasn’t feeling myself.

Because of this, I did not want to get out of bed. I wanted to hide (or pretend to be a ghost, you decide) and I wasn’t getting anything done.

Now, I’m like well at least it makes for good video content.

The truth is we’ve all found ourselves in ruts at one time or another- where we are going through the motions, there’s no sense of excitement to do what we want to do, we aren’t present. So today I wanted to give you a run down of how I personally stepped out of my funk and some tips for you to do the same.

Hit it!


1.) Find the root of your rut.

The place to find the root is in your mind. What happens is when we buy into one or two negative thoughts all of a sudden it’s a spiral effect where hundreds of other thoughts bring us down even further.

You may have a thought like “I am so broke” and then all of a sudden, you’re having thoughts that you’re going to end up homeless and on the streets. It’s crazy.

Write down the thinking that’s causing your rut. Question it. Find the humor in it. Just shine a light on it all and bring it to the surface.

Sidenote: Did you guys know that the Spice Girls are going on tour? It’s the best news I’ve heard in a while.

2.) Forget about motivation, creativity and productivity.

I had a pretty long list of things to do, and I kept saying I need to do this, I should be doing this, I have to get that done. But because my excitement level was low, I wasn’t getting anything done! And that was making me feel even crappier about myself and a whole other swarm of thoughts came flying in!! Exhausting.

Most likely, your creativity will be blocked so there’s no use in forcing it. Tuck your to do list away. And continue on to the next step…

3.) Ask yourself: “What do I want to do right now in this moment?” And go do that.

This is a great way to find your center again and be in the here and now.

For some reason when I asked myself this question, I wanted to take a really hot shower (even though it’s like 90 degrees here), but hey the heart wants what it that’s what I did.

After that, I meditated for 15 minutes and OMG it felt so good afterwards! To give my poor mind a break after it had been on overload was absolutely necessary.

I swear I’m not sleeping again. Ah, there I am! Oh I’m so cute.

Then, I decided to pack up some essentials and head over to the beach to relax. I apologize to all of you who don’t have that option right now.

And then just as I was walking out the door, I got a text message:

Can you babysit at 4 tonight?” ahhhh kinda breaking my stride here, but SUREEE I will make it work!

Once I got to the beach, I’m not kidding, ideas started to come through slowly and I began to regain my excitement for the weekend!

Hello, little birdie. Hello.

Once I got home, my place was messy and super dark! A true representation of what was going inside of me. So, I tidied up and opened up all the blinds to let some sunlight in.

Trust that doing what feels good for you in the moment will help you break free from your rut.

4.) Reconnect to your purpose and meaning.

This is the fastest way to get unfunked!

One of the main reasons we find ourselves in a low, is because we lose our purpose, why we wake up everyday, what we love doing.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I got caught up in my day to day and I was drowning myself in a pool of compare and despair.

So just asking myself “What’s my purpose?” “What am I excited about?” “What do I love doing everyday?” almost instantly centered me.

I love making these videos every week. I love helping people pull out the possibilities from within them. I love putting a smile on someone’s face or inspiring them to be better, to do better.

Just reminding myself of these things was an instant uplifter. So try asking yourself these same questions next time you find yourself in a rut.

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Have a great week! See ya…


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