How to Deal With Haters!

If you have a dream, don’t be surprised if other people don’t fully support or embrace it. Skepticism and doubt are common feelings and in fact, they keep other people from going after their own dreams.

One of my favorite stories of all time is of a man named Walt Disney.

I’m sure you’ve heard of him : )

Nobody- and I mean nobody, believed in Walt’s vision for Disney World, Snow White, Pinocchio, and all the other characters whom now, are all household names. Without any investors, Walt funded theme park drawings and movie productions with his own money, until other people started to see what he saw.

On opening day of Disney World, a man commented on a TV program, “It’s too bad Walt didn’t live to see this.

The host replied, “But he did. That’s why it’s here.

I love that!

Your dream may seem impossible to other people, but that shouldn’t stop you from going after it.

Consider yourself lucky. You have a vision that only you can see. That’s pretty cool wouldn’t you say? Take comfort in knowing that one day, everybody will see it too, but until then, learn how to deal with those nasty naysayers and cynics that come your way.

Click the Image below for this week’s video: Dream Killers! How to Deal with Naysayers.


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